Stephen F. Austin State University

The Next Strategic Plan

Why does SFA care about strategic planning?

Simply put, strategic planning is the process an organization (in our case, SFA) uses to define its direction, set goals, determine the actions and resources needed to achieve these goals, and establish performance measures so progress can be gauged.

A strategic plan defines the goals [ends] and outlines how these ends are achieved by the means [resources].

Envision SFA...

is what we are calling the five-phase collaborative strategic planning process that will inform the development of our next strategic plan.

Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV Phase V

Collaborative Strategic Planning

The process we will employ over the next several months is termed "collaborative strategic planning." This planning method has been developed by Dr. Patrick Sanaghan as he has shared his expertise on strategic planning, leadership development and facilitation techniques with more than 100 colleges and universities over the past 25 years. This five-phase process is designed to meaningfully engage University stakeholders with the goal of creating a shared future vision for the institution.


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