Stephen F. Austin State University

Setting Up Your mySFA Account

Follow these steps to setup your mySFA account password. Please note that these steps may differ from printed material. If you need help, please contact the Help Desk at 936.468.4357.

Welcome to SFA!

In order to proceed to Step 2, you will need your mySFA username and password.

As you did not specify a personal email address and telephone number to preload into our Password Setup Process, a letter has been sent (in the mail; not an email) to the mailing address you supplied on your application. This letter contains information about your account, including your SFA campus ID and a temporary password.

For security reasons, this information does not include your mySFA username.

Please call the Help Desk at (936)-468-4357 to obtain your username. Then proceed to Step 2 with this username and the temporary password you received in your letter. Step 2 will allow you to set a password of your choice and to enter your telephone number into your profile for future password retrieval.

Please also note your new SFA student email address will be this username followed by "" (without the quotes).

Login on the left using your new mySFA username and the same temporary password that you used in Step 1. This will then guide you through the setting up SMS text message enrollment and then allow you to select your own password.

Note: when entering your mobile number the country code for the United States is 1. If you have a foreign number click here to lookup your country code.

Login to mySFA

You can now login to mySFA with your new password.

You can also go to the SFASU homepage and click on the "Login to mySFA" button in the upper right.

Notice there is a link to the myPassword system on the mySFA home page where you can:

  • Change your Password
  • Reset your Password
  • Unlock your Account
  • Edit your Profile