Kalkomey Scholarship

Kurt ’77 & ’79 and Cindy ’76 & ’79 both graduated from SFA with bachelor’s and master’s degrees. As students, they were inspired by the positive influence they received from two outstanding faculty members, Dr. Jack McCullough, biology, and Dr. Jasper Adams, mathematics.

The Kalkomeys are grateful for their mentors’ guidance and chose to pay it forward by establishing this endowment, which covers education costs for a student pursuing a degree in the College of Sciences and Mathematics.

Carolyn and Richard T. Skurla Scholarship

The Skurlas established this scholarship to allow Master of Fine Arts students preparing to present their final thesis exhibition to do so without the burden of costs.

Richard, a 2011 SFA graduate, said he owes this idea to a fellow SFA alumnus, Michael Tubbs, who received a great deal of support from his classmates and was able to execute an impressive exhibition that awed the viewer. Richard and Carolyn believe it is important for students to have available resources to attain similar levels of professionalism in their thesis exhibitions.

The Skurlas started the scholarship by contributing $300 a month, and students are immediately able to use some of the funds. This allows the scholarship to gradually grow over time and benefit students now.