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Career Information for Graduates

The College of Forestry and Agriculture collects job placement data from graduates whenever possible - this information is not only used for accreditation purposes, but provides valuable feedback from employers for our programs. This report outlines the job placement rates for graduates with a bachelor of science in forestry from 2007-2013.

Currently available positions for alumni, recent graduates, and soon-to-be-graduates can be found below. Internships and graduate assistantships, both at SFA and other institutions, are also listed here.

Job Postings

Position Location Closing Date Tags
Internships Nacogdoches, TX 2/1/2017 Forestry,Internship
Natural Resource Internship Dallas, TX 1/16/2018 Forestry,Internship
Forest Inventory and Analysis Resource Monitoring and Assessment Program Anchorage Alaska 12/5/2017 Forestry
Doctoral Research Assistantship in Forest Economics, Management and Planning Flagstaff, AZ 12/5/2017 Forestry,Graduate Assistantship
Environmental Specialist II Dallas, TX 12/15/2017 Environmental Science
Fred M. van Eck Endowed Scholarships for Graduate Research West Lafayette, IN 12/13/2017 Forestry,Graduate Assistantship
RESOURCE ASSISTANT INTERN Lufkin, TX 12/13/2017 Internship,Spatial Science
Forester I - Forest Inventory and Analysis Florence County, South Carolina 12/13/2017 Forestry
Post-doctoral researcher, Ph.D. student, and MS student Houghton, MI 12/13/2017 Forestry,Graduate Assistantship
Consulting Utility Forester Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 12/13/2017 Forestry
Consulting Utility Arborist Waco/Temple, TX 12/13/2017 Forestry
Environmental Specialist Georgia 12/13/2017 Environmental Science
Environmental GIS Analyst San Antonio, TX 12/13/2017 Environmental Science
GIS Technician Ft. Worth, TX 12/13/2017 Spatial Science
Environmental Scientist Raleigh Downtown, NC 12/13/2017 Environmental Science
Environmental Scientist Rochester, NY 12/13/2017 Environmental Science
Forest Ranger I Rosston, AR 11/15/2017 Forestry
Coordinator - Outreach Program Corvallis, Oregon 12/9/2017 Forestry
Interpretive Park Ranger Lewisville, Texas, 11/29/2017 Forestry
Consulting Utility Arborist Waco/Temple, TX 12/8/2017 Forestry
Environmental and Safety Specialist HOUSTON, TEXAS 12/8/2017 Environmental Science
Consulting Utility Forester Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 12/6/2017 Forestry
Forest Economist I College Station, TX 11/30/2017 Forestry
Intertribal Timber Council Scholarship Portland, Oregon 2/7/2018 Spatial Science
Consulting Utility Forester Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 11/30/2017 Forestry
Consulting Utility Arborist Waco/Temple, TX 11/30/2017 Forestry
GIS Technician Fort Worth, TX 11/30/2017 Spatial Science
Staff Forester I - Forest Inventory & Analysis Lufkin and Kirbyville, Texas 11/26/2017
Consulting Utility Forester Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 11/26/2017 Forestry
Maintenance Supervisor Bellaire, TX 11/26/2017 Agriculture
Graduate Research Assistantship Mississippi State University 11/26/2017 Agriculture,Forestry,Graduate Assistantship
Environmental Specialist Baytown, TX 11/25/2017 Environmental Science
Tree Care Foreman-Residential Richardson, TX 11/24/2017 Forestry
Trimmer-Residential Richardson, TX 11/24/2017 Forestry
Climbing Arborist Trainee / Trimmer Austin, TX 11/23/2017 Forestry
GIS Analyst/Biologist Parsippany, NJ 11/23/2017 Spatial Science
Trimmer San Antonio, TX 11/23/2017 Forestry
Trimmer San Antonio, TX 11/20/2017 Forestry
Consulting Utility Arborist Waco/Temple, TX 11/20/2017 Forestry
Environmental Specialist Princeton, NJ 11/20/2017 Environmental Science
Environmental Specialist III- Class B CDL Lancaster, TX 11/20/2017 Environmental Science
Consulting Utility Arborist Waco/Temple, TX 11/20/2017 Forestry
Staff Forester II - SF-SILV Lufkin, TX 11/19/2017 Forestry
State Division Administrator 17 - Assistant Chief, Forest Resources Division Lansing, Michigan 11/7/2017 Forestry
GPS/GIS OPERATOR Longview, TX 11/17/2017 Spatial Science
Environmental Scientist Longview, TX 11/17/2017 Environmental Science
Board of Regents PhD fellowship Louisiana State University 12/15/2017 Forestry