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Career Information for Graduates

The College of Forestry and Agriculture collects job placement data from graduates whenever possible - this information is not only used for accreditation purposes, but provides valuable feedback from employers for our programs. This report outlines the job placement rates for graduates with a bachelor of science in forestry from 2007-2013.

Currently available positions for alumni, recent graduates, and soon-to-be-graduates can be found below. Internships and graduate assistantships, both at SFA and other institutions, are also listed here.

Job Postings

Position Location Closing Date Tags
M.S. Assistantship: Mechanisms for Autumn Nitrogen Resorption in Trees University of Arkansas at Monticello 3/16/2018 Environmental Science,Forestry,Graduate Assistantship
M.S. Assistantship: Sustaining oak recruitment in regularly flooded bottom land hardwood forests under wildlife habitat management University of Arkansas at Monticello 3/16/2018 Environmental Science,Graduate Assistantship
Supervisory Environmental Engineer Texarkana, TX 3/1/2018 Environmental Science
Natural Resources Specialist I-IV (Hatchery Biologist) Brookeland, Texas 3/14/2018 Environmental Science
Forestry Technician (Hotshot/Handcrew) Greybull, WY 2/28/2018 Forestry
ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER Kunsan, South Korea 2/21/2018 Environmental Science
Forestry Technician (Wilderness/Trails) Chatsworth, GA 2/20/2018 Forestry
Range/Forestry Technician (Fire) Brazoria, TX 2/26/2018 Forestry
Environmental Intern Houston, TX; Raleigh, NC; Columbia, MD 3/2/2018 Environmental Science,Internship
Deer Project Coordinator Purdue University 3/14/2018 Forestry
Environmental Field Technician Houston, TX 3/14/2018 Environmental Science
Range/Forestry Technician (Fire) Brazoria, TX 2/26/2018 Forestry
Park Superintendent V Huntsville, TX 2/23/2018 Forestry
Environmental Investigator II Fort Worth, TX 2/16/2018 Environmental Science
Hydrologist I Austin, TX 2/26/2018 Environmental Science,Forestry,Spatial Science
Survey Technician - Land Survey Plano, TX 3/15/2018 Environmental Science,Spatial Science
Staff Forester I Lufkin, TX 3/8/2018 Environmental Science,Forestry
11-18 Extension Director, Agriculture/Horticulture/Natural Resources/4-H Youth Development, Family & Consumer Sciences, Park County Colorado State University 3/6/2018 Agriculture,Forestry,Graduate Assistantship
Interdisciplinary GS-7/9 See Job Description 3/8/2018 Environmental Science
Wildlife Ecology and Shooting Sports Instructor/Counselor Clemson, SC 3/8/2018 Agriculture,Environmental Science,Forestry
Forest Technician NY, US; PA, US; WV, US 3/8/2018 Agriculture,Forestry
2018 Great Lakes Summer Fellows Program Michigan, US 2/18/2018 Internship
Canfor Summer Intern Position Urbana, Arkansas 3/8/2018 Agriculture,Environmental Science,Forestry,Internship
USFWS TX: Trinity River Nat'l Wildlife Refuge Invasive Species Specialist Internship TX 3/6/2018 Agriculture,Environmental Science,Forestry,Internship
Flying A Ranch Summer Internship-Texas Bandera, TX 3/15/2018 Agriculture,Environmental Science,Forestry
Fish and Wildlife Technician I-II Rockport, TX 2/14/2018 Agriculture,Forestry
Coordinating Wildlife Biologist Throckmorton & Floresville, Texas 3/2/2018 Forestry
M.S. Graduate Assistantship Knoxville, TN 3/6/2018 Agriculture,Environmental Science,Forestry,Graduate Assistantship
Consulting Utility Forester Livingston, TX 3/2/2018 Agriculture,Environmental Science,Forestry
District Fire Management Officer Kansas State University 3/5/2018 Forestry
Outreach Coordinator Kansas State University 3/5/2018 Forestry
Plant Health Care Technician San Antonio, Texas 5/31/2018 Agriculture,Forestry
Summer Internship - Kentucky Trophy Deer Whitetail Breeding & Hunting Preserve Intern Olaton, Kentucky (Western Kentucky) 3/31/2018 Forestry,Internship
GIS Lead Cypress, TX 3/5/2018 Forestry
Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire) Alamo, TX 2/13/2018 Forestry
Forestry Technician (Fire) Austwell, TX; Los Fresnos, TX 2/13/2018 Forestry
Environmental Specialist (BCCP Administrator) Austin, TX 3/25/2018 Agriculture,Environmental Science,Forestry
Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire) Alamo, TX 2/13/2018 Agriculture,Environmental Science,Forestry
2018 Deer Breeding Bottle Raising Internship with High Roller Whitetails Center, Texas 4/2/2018 Agriculture,Forestry
Wildlife Ecology and Shooting Sports Instructor/Counselor Lake Marion in South Carolina 4/2/2018 Forestry
Park Ranger I (Park Interpreter) Brownsville, TX 2/13/2018 Agriculture,Environmental Science,Forestry,Spatial Science
Environmental Specialist III - LabPak Chemist Pasadena, TX 3/1/2018 Environmental Science
CONTRACT SPECIALIST Springerville, Arizona 3/1/2018 Agriculture,Environmental Science,Forestry
College Internship Program Dallas, TX 3/10/2018 Forestry,Internship
Park Ranger II (Greenbelt Site Manager/Resource Specialist) Pilot Point, TX 2/9/2018 Environmental Science,Forestry
Seasonal Interpreter/Recreator (SIR) Tennessee 2/28/2018 Environmental Science,Forestry,Internship
Arborist Dallas, TX 2/24/2018 Environmental Science,Forestry
Forestry Technician Fayetteville, NC 2/28/2018 Forestry
Forestry Technician Waycross, GA 2/28/2018 Forestry
Intern Forester 2018 Wilburton, Idabel and Goldsby, Oklahoma 2/28/2018 Environmental Science,Forestry,Internship,Spatial Science
Park Ranger II (Greenbelt Site Manager/Resource Specialist) Pilot Point, TX 2/9/2018 Environmental Science,Forestry
Arborist Southwest Dallas, TX 2/24/2018 Forestry
Forest Ranger I Montgomery County/Mt. Ida, AR 2/9/2018 Forestry
Internships and Volunteer Opportunities North Carolina Wilmington 8/10/2018 Internship
Field Sampling Tech II/III New Orleans, Louisiana 2/25/2018 Environmental Science,Forestry
City Forester Ames, IA 2/20/2018 Forestry
Research Scientist-Nursery/Early-Stand Aiken, SC 2/22/2018 Agriculture,Forestry
Assistant Park Superintendent II Mission, TX 2/10/2018 Forestry
Environmental Safety Specialist Austin, TX 2/19/2018 Agriculture,Environmental Science,Forestry
Branch Managing Arborist Tyler, Texas 2/19/2018 Forestry
Houston Zoo Collegiate Conservation Program Internship Description Houston, TX 3/15/2018 Environmental Science,Forestry,Internship
Environmental Specialist Austin, TX 2/15/2018 Environmental Science
Environmental Scientist Addison, TX 2/15/2018 Environmental Science
Forestry Auditor Houston, TX 2/12/2018 Forestry
W.T. Waggoner Estate, Inc. Internship Opportunity Vernon, TX 2/16/2018 Forestry
Professional Landscaping Internship Austin, College Station, and Houston, TX areas 4/1/2018 Agriculture,Internship
Summer Citizen Science Internship Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont 2/9/2018 Forestry,Internship
Citizen Science Educator Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont 2/9/2018 Forestry
Summer Experiential Education Intern Townsend, TN 2/9/2018 Environmental Science,Forestry,Internship
Summer Teacher Naturalist Townsend, TN 2/9/2018 Forestry