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The Jefferson Jumplecute (September 2013)

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The Jefferson Jimplecute
By Jeff Campbell

If someone has ever spent time in Jefferson they may have heard the locals speaking to each other in strange terms. These interactions start off with questions like, "Have you seen the Jimp?" or "Have you picked up the Jimp?". What is the Jimp? It's the Jefferson Jimplecute of course. I know that make things clear as mud so I'll clear the water. The Jefferson Jimplecute is the local newspaper in Jefferson, Texas. Jimplecute stands for "Joining Industry, Manufacturing, Planting, Labor, Energy, Capital (in) Unity Together Everlastingly." Yes, acronyms are your friend.

The Jefferson Jimplecute is the fifth oldest newspaper in the state of Texas. The paper was founded in 1848 by Ward Taylor. For over 150 years the "Jimp" has brought local news to the people of Jefferson and Marion County. Whereas numerous large American newspapers like the Rocky Mountain News, Albuquerque Tribune, and Honolulu Advertiser have bit the dust, it's amazing that the little Jimp has carried on. The rise of the internet and social media is slowing killing print news.

So the next time you are in Jefferson, don't be a bit surprised if you hear someone say "Have you seen the Jimp?"