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735 N. Mound

735 N. Mound Photographs

735 N. Mound 2011 Summer Survey

735 N. Mound
Description: 1-Story Craftsman style duplex with Tudor influences; hipped roof, composite shingles, segmented arches on front porch, casement windows on north side. Foliage obscures the view of the this building from the street.
Significance: Claude and Helen Thrash acquired the property where this house now sits in 1914. Census records from the time indicate Thrash worked as a bookkeeper for a local business. Sanborn maps date the current structure from between 1922 and 1929, when it replaced a prior wooden structure. These maps also show a major renovation taking place between 1929 and 1946. This renovation extended the rear of one of the houses two bays and created a partition transforming the house into a rental duplex. At the same time a two story detached garage with apartment appeared on the premises. (1922 Sheet 6; 1929 Sheet 8; 1946 Sheet 8). Tax assessors records note the movement of this garage with apartment to Cushing in 1984. While speculative, the timing of the transformation into a duplex-between 1929 and 1946-indicates a renovation aimed at generating extra income during the Depression. Given the costly brick siding used in the building, it is unlikely that the owners originally intended the house as a rental property.

735 N. Mound 1990 National Register Information