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Transfer Students

About Transfer Lumberjack Orientation

Transfer students are an important part of our university community and we want you to feel at home here. As your first step towards connecting to SFA, you are encouraged to take part in Transfer Lumberjack Orientation. Attendance is not required, however, it is highly recommended. Parents and/or family members are welcome to attend.

Students attending Transfer Lumberjack Orientation will find that academic advising and course registration are streamlined. Those students who choose not to attend Transfer Lumberjack Orientation are responsible for contacting their respective academic departments for times and dates that academic advisors are available.

TIP: Transfer students who attend Orientation are able to take care of all their campus business in one day.

2018 Transfer Lumberjack Orientation Reservations

Transfer Lumberjack Orientation Dates:

Session 1: November 17, 2017 (for transfer students beginning classes in spring 2018) **SESSION CLOSED**

Session 2: April 27, 2018 **SESSION FULL**

Session 3: July 13, 2018

Session 4: August 3, 2018

The cost of Transfer Lumberjack Orientation is $35 per person for the student and $20 per parent/family member. The fee covers administrative costs, lunch and a spirit shirt (students only). Children under four years of age are free. For children 4-17 the cost is $15.

Reservation Deadlines

A $5 charge will be added to account after these deadline dates.

Transfer Student Network

SFA's Transfer Student Network program supports transfer student transition from their previous institutions and integrates them into life at SFA. The program recruits successful transfer students who volunteer to be a mentor and participate in trainings and programs geared toward effective mentorship for incoming transfer students.

Incoming transfer students are encouraged to participate in programs, sign up to be paired with a mentor, and to later serve as a mentor to new transfer students the following year. A Meet and Greet occurs during SFA Weeks of Welcome to serve as the initial connection for new and current transfer students. Active participation in the Transfer Student Network ensures students form a connection with at least one student they can use as a resource during their time at SFA.

For more information on Transfer Student Network programs, contact the Orientation Programs office or visit the SFA Weeks of Welcome website.