Dr. Robert “Bob” Baker

Dr. Robert “Bob” Baker of Bryan passed away Dec. 11. Baker joined the SFA faculty in 1956 as an assistant professor of forestry. He rose through the ranks to associate professor in 1959 and to full professor in 1970.

Baker taught courses in aerial photograph interpretation and remote sensing at SFA. From 1970 to ’74, he had a joint appointment with SFA and Texas A&M University.

Baker was a strong supporter of and contributor to Texas forest history, and he authored numerous scientific and technical articles. His résumé contained 25 pages of published articles, reports, short courses, testimonials on forestry issues and consulting assignments. In the early 1980s, he collaborated with Robert S. Maxwell at SFA to co-author the historical book “The Sawdust Empire: The Texas Lumber Industry, 1830 to 1940.”


Dr. Robert R. Fleet

Dr. Robert R. Fleet, former SFA professor and rugby coach, passed away Dec. 4. Fleet spent approximately 40 years teaching in various departments and coaching rugby at SFA.

He authored and co-authored nearly 44 scientific articles that have been cited more than 700 times. Fleet enjoyed his family, friends and telling stories.


Jack Martin Ledbetter

Jack Martin Ledbetter, donor and friend of SFA, passed away Jan. 31. Ledbetter was accepted into the Air Corps in 1942 and became a private. He trained at Sheppard Field near Wichita Falls. Ledbetter graduated top of his class and became an aviation cadet. He attended Yale University and studied aviation engineering. He later became the first engineering officer for groups assigned to service P-59 jet fighters.

After his military service, he ran his family’s electric sign company. Under Ledbetter’s leadership, the company grew substantially. He later sold it and retired. Ledbetter enjoyed racing aircraft. He competed in and won many national championships and served as a training pilot.

In 2006, Ledbetter moved to Nacogdoches and became active in the community serving on numerous boards, including the SFA Finance Department Board and the SFA Administrative Committee. He was a member of the SFA College of Fine Arts Dean’s Circle and a Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital board member.


Jimmie S. Shaw

Jimmie S. Shaw, who worked in the university’s post office for 17 years, passed away Nov. 3.

Shaw lived in Fort Worth during World War II and helped build airplanes at Consolidated Vultee. Her area of expertise was electrical wiring on the bottom panel of the nose fuselage on B-24 bombers. Shaw was a true Rosie the Riveter and was recognized by the National WWII Museum in Anaheim, California.

Shaw retired from SFA in 1984. She remained active in the community, attending SFA basketball and football games, as well as volunteering at First Methodist Church and for the Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau.


James “Jim” Simmons

James “Jim” Simmons of Livingston passed away Jan. 2. Simmons proudly served in the U.S. Air Force overseas. Following his return to the United States, he attended SFA where he played football for the Lumberjacks and earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education in 1955.

During his time playing for the Lumberjacks, Simmons was elected to second-team All Conference and second-team All Texas. Simmons began his coaching career in Beaumont and went on to serve as head coach at Beaumont High School, Diboll High School and Jasper High School before retiring after coaching more than 12 years. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame at SFA and also at Diboll.

In Memoriam

Name Class Hometown Date
Karen H. Agnew 1980 Troup Nov. 25
James Andrusick 1996 Nacogdoches Nov. 29
Harvey H. Bagley Jr. 1976 Garland Jan. 3
Wanda K. Baker 1981 Diboll Nov. 4
Sheila Kay Clary Barnes 1984 Nederland Jan. 15
Robert W. Bell 1960 Lufkin Nov. 5
Dr. Stephen C. Bennett 1978 New Braunfels Dec. 11
William L. Bickham 1972 & 1983 Tyler Oct. 13
Louise M. Blanks 1967 Dallas Dec. 27
Vanette S. Boshears 1967 Tyler Jan. 11
Alma L. Bridges 1956 Waco Dec. 21
John D. Bright 1966 Tyler Dec. 25
Charles A. Capel 1971 Garrison Jan. 1
Eddie Chalmers 1968 Angleton Jan. 2
Kent S. Cochran 1982 Linden Jan. 6
Evelyn M. Cofer 1943 Nacogdoches Oct. 26
Bobby “Bob” Douglas Coker 1960 Sachse Jan. 6
Robert R. Davis 1958 & 1962 Henderson Jan. 1
Wayne Howard Denney 1971 Wichita Falls Nov. 14
Jimmie M. Dickens 1968 Livingston Nov. 22
Nelda K. Dickerson 1991 Lufkin Jan. 17
Dorothy L. Dorsett 1964 Pflugerville Nov. 5
Thomas Carroll Edmonds 1957 Ardmore, Oklahoma Oct. 10
Jean H. English 1952 Lufkin Jan. 8
Linda Jacob Evans 1969 Austin Nov. 9
Joe Farmer 1960 & 1964 Hillsboro Dec. 5
Lyndon “Lynn” B. Faulkner 1943 San Antonio Oct. 28
Carol A. Felix 1976 Houston Nov. 11
Mary F. Fickett 1940 Nacogdoches Nov. 10
Hilda E. Findley 1956 & 1966 Warren Jan. 9
Christine Crouch Franks 1947 Katy Oct. 14
Michelle J. Funston 1996 Galveston Dec. 24
Paul W. Gertz 1972 Beaumont Oct. 21
Dr. Dixon Golden 1949 Carthage Dec. 1
Phyllis Gulley 1969 Zavalla Jan. 13
Katherine Hall 1975 Dallas Dec. 31
Betty L. Halstead 1960 San Antonio Dec. 20
Johnny “Hawk” Hawkins 1965 Lufkin Oct. 14
William G. Hollingsworth SFA Student McGregor Feb. 14
Rick Huddleston 1905 Lufkin Nov. 28
Shelda Sanders Hutchinson SFA Student Marshall Oct. 25
Regenta B. Jenkins 1940 Brenham Jan. 19
Daniel “Dan” Lee Johnson 1905 Apple Springs Jan. 8
David Lloyd Johnson Sr. 1959 & 1961 Hardin July 11
Kevin F. Kelley 1984 Lufkin Oct. 31
Jeffery Kincy 1984 Longview Oct. 10
Rodney D. Kolac 1970 Tyler Jan. 7
Grady S. Kyle 1950 & 1958 Beckville Jan. 8
Frances A. Lippard 1954 Nacogdoches Sept. 30
Cynthia A. Lynch 1981 Quinlan Dec. 30
Betty Keyser Manning 1980 Nacogdoches Sept. 13
James Leon Manning 1961 & 1963 Lufkin June 27
John H. Matthews 1974 Jasper Aug. 13
Rena B. McGaughey 1967 & 1972 Bullard Dec. 19
Frances McGilvra 1989 Diboll Jan. 4
Leslie A. Miller 1986 Spring Jan. 20
Frank A. Mitchell 1972 Nacogdoches Nov. 27
Thomas Z. Parrish 1941 Waco Jan. 15
Kathryn A. Price 1993 Nacogdoches Oct. 18
Yessenia Ramirez SFA Student Pasadena Feb. 10
Dr. James E. Redfield Sr. 1950 Nacogdoches Dec. 27
Robert P. Rinehart 1968 Anchorage, Alaska Oct. 20
Aillene Roberson 1966 Carthage Oct. 1
Wilbert E. Rollins Sr. 1981 Longview Nov. 23
Emma L. Ryan 1963 Douglass Jan. 16
Rena B. Simpkins 1960 Bryan Jan. 4
Joseph P. Smith 1952 Marshall Sept. 23
Rex Earl Staes 1970 Pasadena July 26
John Bowman Tanner 1989 Rowlett Aug. 10
William Tyler 1975 Fresno July 3
Erin Valenta SFA Student Allen Jan. 26
Larry E. Warner Sr. 1966 Dallas Sept. 18
Bobby G. Warr 1982 & 1985 Center Jan. 6
Ericka Wilcox 1998 Stockbridge, Massachusetts Oct. 15
Linda S. Williams 1969 Henderson Jan. 3
Ted W. Wilson 1982 Austin Nov. 17
David “Bud” A. Woodell 1950 Jasper Jan. 22
John W. Wylie 1977 Kilgore Oct. 24