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Call (936) 468-4008 to make an Appointment

The SFA Health Clinic is staffed by four M.D. physicians, three registered nurses, laboratory scientists, and administrative staff. We offer medical care similar to what you would receive from your family physician. Most services are provided at no charge with the exception of immunizations and few others.

  • Medical Services
    • The Clinic provides a broad range of services for patients, including:
      • Examination and diagnosis and treatment for illness
      • Treat/manage minor injuries
      • Wound care / dressing changes
      • Treat (MRSA) - Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections
      • Minor surgery / Suturing & Suture removal
      • Physicals ( athletic and other campus departments)
      • Recommend over the counter medications
      • Write Prescriptions
      • Make referrals to specialists or other medical services (i.e. x-rays)
      • Consulting with Counseling Services
      • Wellness Counseling
      • TB (tuberculosis) skin testing
      • Flu shots (during the flu season)
      • Allergy injections -using medication provided by your private allergist or physician.
      • Diagnosis and Management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), except HIV
      • Pregnancy testing and consultation
      • Contraceptive Counseling
      • Immunizations
        • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (Tdap booster)
        • Hepatitis B provided to students involved in internships with the possibility of exposure (series of 3 injections)
    • On-Site Accredited Laboratory
      • Many lab tests are performed while you wait.
      • Most lab results are available within two days.
      • Testing ordered by in-house physicians is provided at no charge.
      • Testing ordered by outside physicians; such as your private physician or a specialist can be performed at a nominal cost.   Prices vary according to the test ordered.  Click HERE for more information on what is required.

  • Women's Services
    • The Health Services Clinic is designed to provide women with a comfortable environment where women feel at ease, respected and can ask questions of a sensitive or uncomfortable nature.
      • One female and one male physician provide gynecological services.
      • These services require more time than most appointments therefore are scheduled weeks in advance.
      • There is always a Registered Nurse available to help answer your questions.
    • We provide several services including annual routine Well Woman Exams gynecological exams, such as:
      • Pap Smear to screen for cervical cancer
      • Breast exam & instructions
      • Contraceptive counseling and prescriptions
      • Counseling regarding menstrual concerns & PMS
    • We also provide on a more urgent schedule pelvic exams for gynecological health concerns, such as:
      • Pelvic or vaginal pain
      • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), except HIV
      • Vaginitis; such as; yeast & bacterial vaginosis
      • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)


Medications:  Sample prescription and over-the-counter medicines may be offered if available. Other prescription items may be purchased at any local pharmacy. Prices on medicines will vary between pharmacies and students are encouraged to shop around for the best prices.

Outside Lab Work is any lab test ordered by a physician outside the S.F.A. Health Services Clinic.  All requests for outside lab work for a student must be accompanied by a written order from a physician.  The request may be faxed to the clinic, (936) 468-1316. The written order must include: 

  • Signature of the physician or nurse practioner ordering the tests. 
  • Clearly state the tests requested.
  • Date of the order was written
  • Physician office phone number
  • Fax number or the address where the results should be sent.

The request may be written for repeat testing, but the interval of testing must be clearly stated and may not be for longer than six months.  While there are charges for outside lab testing, the clinic tries to keep the charges at a nominal amount.

Pap Smears – Checks for cervical cancer.  It is sometimes done as a part of the Well Woman Exam.  To assure test accuracy, please do not schedule you appointment when you will be on your period.  Also, do not insert tampons or have sexual intercourse for at least two days prior to your appointment.

The types of contraceptives methods offered at the clinic include birth control pills Depo-Provera injections, and NuvaRing.  IUDs are neither prescribed nor inserted.  Screening is also done at the time of the exam to detect some sexually transmitted diseases (Chlamydia & Gonorrhea) and other nonspecific illnesses. We do not screen for HIV. Instead, we refer the student to their private physician or the community non-profit agency, Health Horizons of East Texas.


Faculty/Staff of SFA University may receive limited services such as flu shots, blood pressure checks, and weight.  Because we are totally funded through student fees, faculty and staff are not eligible for examination, consultation, or treatment by any of the practitioners.

Other Services the Clinic does NOT provide:

  • Pharmacy
  • X-ray        
  • Eye Exams, Glasses, or Contacts   
  • Dental Services
  • Physical Therapy
  • Some Medical Specialties

Pregnancy:  The Student Health Clinic does not provide care for pregnancy.  Students with this condition must be under the care of a specialist.

Holidays, Nights, and Weekends:  The Student Health Clinic provides care for students when the University’s administration offices are open.  There are no services available on weekends, holidays or after hours.  Students in need of medical services during these times are urged to contact one of the Local Medical Facilities.

Work-related Injuries / Workman's Comp:  Stephen F. Austin State University employees, student assistants, and other university assistants who receive an injury while working at the university will report to their immediate supervisor for instructions regarding treatment.  All work-related injuries must be reported to Human Resources immediately. Work-related injuries occurring off-campus must be evaluated and treated by the student's private physician, or a health care provider designated by the student's employer.

Automobile Accidents:  Students who sustain injuries as a result of an automobile accident must receive initial evaluation and treatment by a private off-campus physician, local clinic, or hospital emergency department.  The student Health Services clinic does not provide initial evaluation or treatment for these types of injuries due to the possibility of long term health needs, and the lack of immediate access to diagnostic test such as x-ray services.

Mailing Address: Box 13058 SFA Station Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3058
Physical Address: On the S.E. corner of Raguet and East College Streets
Phone: (936) 468-4008 Fax: (936) 468-1316
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Dr. Appointments: 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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