Stephen F. Austin State University

Dietetic Internship / Graduate Program

Dietetic Internship (DI) Program

Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA) offers a 1200 hour, ACEND accredited dietetic internship program. The program at SFA accepts 10 students per year. The post-baccalaureate Dietetic Internship was initially established and accredited in 1992 and was most recently granted re-accreditation in 2012. Students in the internship program complete 1200 hours of supervised practice while also taking graduate coursework. The program is well supported and respected within the SFA University and the East Texas community.

Why Choose the SFA Dietetic Internship?

You have many choices when it comes to choosing an internship. Why SFA-a small university located in the East Texas Piney Woods? Here are some factors that set us apart from other programs:

The 1200 hour supervised practice schedule is unique to you!

This unique program offers a variety of internship rotations based on the student's preferences and areas of focus. Whereas all dietetic internships are required to participate in rotations at a clinical, foodservice, and community sites, SFA's dietetic internship offers elective rotations in sports nutrition, eating disorder clinics, market street grocers, and private practices dealing with functional and integrative nutrition as well as eating disorders. Your schedule will be unique to your areas of interest!

We have 40 plus preceptors that value our future leaders (that's you)!

We have approximately 40 preceptors throughout the East Texas area and in the Houston and Dallas areas. Our preceptor's value teaching and working with our students. They feel that students from SFA are intelligent, respectful and hard working.

Faculty at SFA value holistic nutrition and wellness

In addition, most of the faculty who teach graduate courses in the dietetic internship program have a strong interest in integrative and functional nutrition/medicine. The DI Director has a certification in functional medicine and another faculty is going through a certification. Nutrition is the foundation of health; however, a well-rounded practitioner should know all of the factors that impact health in addition to nutrition, such as sleep, stress management, and movement patterns.

Optional Master's Degree (MS)

We offer a 36 hour or 30 hour (thesis route) MS degree in 1.5 years. Our program is a dual MS program coupled with supervised practice. Students will complete 21 hours of graduate credit by the time the 1200 hour internship is completed. Coursework and supervised practice start in the summer II semester and are completed by the end of May. The student can receive their verification statement, sit for the registration exam and land a job all in the same summer! If the student would like to complete the MS degree, then they will need to take the additional hours (9 for thesis, 15 for non-thesis). This can all be done online once the supervised practice is completed. That means, you don't have to stick around in Nacogdoches, but can get a job and already start your career while you finish the requirements!

Note: The graduate program follows the university academic calendar. Supervised practice does not follow the university academic calendar. Students will be in rotations during the break between Summer II and Fall, 1-2 weeks of Christmas break, the week of spring break, and 1-2 weeks of the break between Spring and Summer I.

Our DI Student Handbook is an excellent resource to learn more about the DI program.

Our handy guide "Dietetic Internship Information for DPD students" will provide more information on what you will need before applying to our dietetic internship and how to apply when you are ready to take that next step.

For information regarding the DI program contact Dr. O'Dwyer at