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Stephen F. Austin State University


HMS 102 - Introduction to Hospitality Industry - Overview of the vast scope of the industry, historical perspective, analysis of the industry as a profession, professional opportunities and future outlook.

HMS 137 - Principles of Food Science - 3 semester hours, 1 lecture, 4 hours lab per week. Basic principles and techniques of food selection. Preparation and storage, including food composition, nutrient content and role in the diet.

HMS 139 - Management in Meal Production - Three semester credit hours (one hour lecture, four hours lab per week.) Meal management in home and commercial settings with emphasis on procuring, planning, preparing and serving. Analysis of resource allocation in relation to time, energy, economics and human factors. Prerequisite: HMS 137. Fee required.

HMS 202 - Travel and Tourism - Investigation of the nature of travel and tourism, factors that impact mobility, travel/tourism related concepts and services, impact on hospitality industry.

HMS 220 - Convention, Catering, Club Management (Beverage) - Investigation of group markets having special needs including services, lodging, foods and beverage management components. Factors influencing convention and catering promotions and sales, club management and alcoholic drink service.

HMS 221 - Club Management - Principles and practices of the general management procedures utilized in public and private clubs.

HMS 302 - Hospitality Operations - Principles underlying operations in the vast hospitality industry. Concepts include residential and lodging operations, guest expectations, food, beverage and maintenance services, promotions, budget control, personnel and security.

HMS 304 - Purchasing in the Hospitality Industry - Purchasing of food and supplies for hotels, restaurants and institutional food services in the hospitality industry.

HMS 305 - Food and Beverage Cost Control in the Hospitality Industry - Study of the cost control aspects of hospitality operations to include budgeting, forecasting, financial analysis, food and labor costs, beverage control and inventory control for hotels and restaurants.

HMS 380 - Residential and Lodging Management - 3 semester hours, 1 hour lecture, 4 hours laboratory per week. Emphasis on application of principles of residential and lodging management in the work place. Classroom instruction and work site experiences in the management of guest, services, sales, financial management security, and personnel.

HMS 401 - Hospitality Financial Management - An introduction to hospitality financial statement analysis, management of assets, ratio analysis, analytical techniques, operating budgeting and cash management in the hospitality industry.

HMS 404 - Quantity Food Production and Service - 3 semester hours, 1 hour lecture, 4 hours lab in community facilities. Quantity food preparation, menu planning, food cost determination, recipe standardization and efficient food service.

HMS 405 - Food Service Organization and Management - Principles of management applied to food service systems including restaurants and institutions.

HMS 420 - Practicum - Three semester credit hours. Individualized instruction. Supervised on-the-job training program in the field. Fee required.

HMS 480 - Administrating, Supervising, Marketing, Hospitality Administration - Utilization of principles and components of the industry in effective administration. Coordination of resources in establishing policy, supervision and management, and decision-making in the delivery of hospitality services.