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Welcome to the SFA Counseling Clinic

The Counseling Clinic is closed for the winter break beginning December 16, 2017. We will reopen on January 16, 2018 at 11 AM. If you need assistance before we reopen, please contact the resources provided to the right under Community Resources.

The Human Services Counseling Clinic is located in the Human Services Building at 2100 N. Raguet Street, second floor, room 202.
Office hours are Monday - Thursday, 11 am - 9 pm. Contact us at 936.468.1041 or

General Information

The SFASU Counseling Clinic is a service provided by the Department of Human Services Counselor Education Programs. It is a training clinic in which services are provided by graduate students who are in the Practicum and Internship portion of their education. All services are supervised by fully licensed Counselor Education faculty. The Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU) Counseling Clinic combines a therapeutic and community focus which offers a full continuum of counseling care. The service is geared to each person's needs. Client progress is based on the person's ability to move through counseling according to individual readiness.

The program serves children, adolescents, and adults who are experiencing personal problems. Before being served, minors must be accompanied by either a parent and/or guardian.

As a training clinic, all counseling sessions are recorded for supervision and educational purposes. Faculty and other students observe live and recorded sessions for the purpose of learning. All faculty and students associated with the Counselor Education program are bound to the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics and the confidentiality requirements of a counseling professional.


The SFASU Counseling Clinic is a university based training program which provides counseling services and professional training opportunities for graduate counseling students and quality service provision for the client. The SFASU Counseling Clinic provides graduate counseling students the opportunity to gain practical experience as a counselor in a supervised clinical setting.

Clinic Philosophy

The SFASU Counseling Clinic shares the Mission Statement of the SFASU Human Services Department. More specifically, the SFASU Counseling Clinic shall be dedicated to provide quality care for the treatment of personal problems. Comprehensive counseling services shall be directed toward the promotion of mental health, the prevention of mental impairment, and the restoration of the client to independent and productive living. The SFASU Counseling clinic is strongly committed to the principles of providing only the most qualified student counselors, fully meeting all University imposed standards and guidelines, and maintaining an ongoing evaluative effort.

Services Offered


Costs of counseling services are determined by a variable fee scale based on gross family income and family size. Fees for evaluation / assessment will be separate. There is a minimum fee of $5.00 for any service.

The clinic is open from 11-9, Monday-Thursday when the University is in session. It is closed during semester breaks. Please call the clinic for an appointment, 936.468.1041.

The SFASU Counseling Clinic is a service provided by the Department of Human Services Counselor Education Programs located on the SFASU Campus in Human Services Building, Room 202.

Counseling Clinic Annual Reports

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