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Here you can find various resources for use by SFA Human Services students.

Student Supplemental Travel Forms

Supplemental Travel from Perkins College of Education

The Perkins Professional Development Committee is a subcommittee of the PCOE College Council. The Perkins Professional Development Committee shall be responsible for making recommendations to the Dean of James I. Perkins College of Education regarding funding for undergraduate and graduate students' activities related to Student Supplemental Travel Fund expenditures.

Student Supplemental Travel Fund Policy

Student Supplemental Travel Checklist

Student Supplemental Travel Fund Application

Student Travel Authorization (to be completed before travel)

Student Travel Reimbursement Form (to be completed after travel)

Travel Funding from Office of Research and Graduate Studies

The purpose of the Graduate Travel fund is to foster and support graduate student and faculty opportunities that go beyond the traditional classroom and educational opportunities offered in the Graduate Programs at SFA. Such activities include but are not limited to organized external student competitions and research presentations at academic conferences. All student and faculty travel must be relevant to the graduate program.

Guidelines for Funding Travel Participation

Travel Funding Application Form

Forms for Student Use

Update/Change Program of Study

Complete the fields on the form. List all information as it should appear on the student's record. If not applicable, enter N/A. Do not leave any fields blank. If any field is left blank, the form will be returned for correction. Once complete, return the form to Registrar's Office.

Petition to Change Degree Plan (undergraduate)

This form is to be completed by the student for the purposes of changing of their degree plan. Once completed, submit to the department chair for further routing.

Late Add or Course Reinstatement Rquest Form

Late adds or course reinstatement forms must be completed by 5:00 on the University's 20th official class day (Fall/Spring) or 15th official class day (Summer). This form is to be signed by the student, the course instructor, and the department chair, and the Dean. After obtaining signatures, the Dean's office will submit the form to the Business Office and Registrar's office. The student must then immediately contact the Business Office at 936.468.6960 for required payment amount and instructions. After payment is made, the Business Office will contact the Registrar's office to complete the enrollment process.

Overload Request Form

*FOR HUMAN SERVICES STUDENTS ONLY* A full load for an undergraduate student during a long semester is twelve (12) hours and a full load for a graduate student during a long semester is nine (9) hours. If you need to take additional hours over the full load amount, an Overload Request Form shall be required.
Take the completed form, with your signature to the instructor of the course creating the need for the overload. You will need to obtain their signature. Once approved there, approval from the Chair is required. Bring the form to the chair's office to be further processed

Senior Year Overlap Graduate Program

To be eligible for the Overlap Program, a student must be enrolled at SFASU and must have achieved at least 95-semester hours of undergraduate credit. Any student admitted to the Overlap Program must take the appropriate admission exam (GRE or GMAT) at the earliest possible date. When this form is completed and all signatures obtained, the student should bring this form to the Graduate Office. The student must apply to the graduate school for admission at

Graduate Degree Plan

The advisor, in consultation with the student, will complete this form after all undergraduate deficiencies and required standardized tests are completed and the student has earned no more than 18 hours of graduate credit in the degree program. This form will be submitted to the Department Chair and, after approval, a copy will be sent to the program director, student, and registrar's office. Candidates for graduate degrees must complete the comprehensive exams or the program's equivalent before graduation. An advisor should not complete a Degree Plan form while the student is on probation or has a GPA of less than 3.0.

Petition to Change Degree Plan (graduate)

This form is to be completed by the student for the purposes of change their Graduate Degree plan. Once complete, the student will obtain the signature of the program director and submit the form to the Department Chair for further processing.

Application for Thesis Examination

This form will certify that the student has been approved to be examined on the listed titled thesis.

Thesis Proposal Approval Form

Thesis proposal must be attached to this form. All committee members must hold approved Graduate Faculty status. This form must be forwarded to the Dean of Graduate School after all above signatures are obtained.

Student Organizations

Participants SONA Training

SONA Participants Introduction


LiveText is the approved system used for key assignment submissions, artifact collection, accreditation standards integration, and student assessments in the James I. Perkins College of Education.

Courses in the PCOE use the LiveText data management system to collect critical assessments for students who are Perkins College of Education majors (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral) or majors in other colleges seeking educator certification through the Perkins College of Education.

If you have questions about obtaining or registering your LiveText account, call ext. 1267 or email Once LiveText is activated, if you have technical questions, call ext. 7050 or email Failure to activate the account and/or submit the required assignment(s) within the LiveText system may result in course failure.

Academic Assistance

AARC Tutoring

Universal Self-Assessment Form

Advising Form for Teaching Majors

Application for Admission forms

Here is the link to Undergraduate Application to the university.

Here is the link to Graduate and Doctoral Application to the university.

Here is the link to the Graduate Admission Requirements to the university.

Distance Education Support (CTL)

For details regarding online courses, ITV classes, and off campus, face-to-face classes contact the
Center for Teaching and Learning.

Directions to Human Services

Click here for directions to the Human Services building.

Financial Aid

Beginning spring 2018, financial aid will only pay for courses that are listed on a student's degree plan. For more information regarding this new action and regulations guiding this decision, please click here.

SFASU has lots of Financial Aid available to those who qualify.

SFA has hundreds of scholarships available to new and returning students. You can search all SFA scholarship using our Scholarship Search Engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

SFASU SLP Scholarships

Office of Student Financial Assistance

Located in the Austin Building, room 104

Office hours: Monday-Friday 8am - 5 pm

phone: 936.468.2403

fax: 936.468.1048

Human Services Overview

Overview of the Department of Human Services.

Student Handbook

Link to Policies and Resources of Interest to Students


School Psychology

Crystal Evans, Program Secretary

Office: HSTC 232
Phone: 936.468.1387

Professional Counseling

Bonnie Fyffe, Program Secretary

Office: HSTC 208 (M-F, 1-5)
Phone: 936.468.1079

Communication Sciences and
Disorders and

Speech-Language Pathology

Whitney Minix, Program Secretary

Office: HSTC 205
Phone: 936.468.7109

Visual Impairment and

Orientation & Mobility

Donna Wood, Program Secretary

Office HSTC 219
Phone: 936.468.1145

Administrative Assistant

Kristi D. Howard

Office: HSTC 302b
Phone: 936.468.6401

Department Secretary

Bonnie Fyffe

Office: HSTC 302 (M-F, 8-12)
Phone: 936.468.1395

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