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Mass Communication

Welcome to Mass Communication

boynton mass communication buildingYou're standing at the virtual doorstep of educational opportunity. The faculty and staff of Mass Communication at Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches, Texas work together to offer students dynamic courses that range from the theoretical to hands-on skills preparation classes.

Mass Media students don't just listen to lectures-they are behind the cameras, running the radio station, and writing features for the campus newspaper. We keep most classes small so we can get to know each student and make the most of his or her university experience. Our faculty creates opportunity-the opportunity to learn, grow and prepare. Faculty members get involved in many ways. We advise, develop internships, create special projects and help students reach for success.

Mass Communication offers an exciting major or minor with concentrations including journalism, photojournalism, advertising, public relations, radio-television broadcasting, and strategic communication. Each concentration prepares students for successful careers in a technologically complex global society. Whether you are looking for Boynton 202advertising, photojournalism, broadcasting, public relations, or advertising, a degree in Mass Media is an excellent choice for students seeking exciting jobs in today's global media market.

Give us a call today or feel free to drop by for more information about our exciting degrees. We are located in the Boynton building on the third floor in beautiful Nacogdoches Texas on the campus of Stephen F. Austin State University. Hope to see you soon!

Mass Communication Mission

KSAU Radio Station DJThe mission of Mass Communication is to prepare students for careers in existing and emerging forms of mass media with emphasis on critical thinking, ethical values, creativity, professional skills, and social responsibility.

A Mass Media student will:

Demonstrate the ability to write effectively across a variety of platforms appropriate the discipline of Mass Media. TV Studio

  1. Gather, organize and analyze discipline-appropriate research and communicate information about it.
  2. Understand the role of media in society.
  3. Comprehend legal and ethical principles relating to media.
  4. Demonstrate the application of media technology, terminology and techniques.