Stephen F. Austin State University

Meet the Mentors

OMA Peer Mentors

You will have a Mentor who is a:

1. Positive Lumberjack Role Model:

2. Student Advisor:

3. Peer Coach:

Meet the 2017-2018 Peer-Mentors

Vanessa, Huynh
Vanessa, Huynh - Peer Mentor Educational Background: Food Nutrition and Dietetics

Vanessa is a rising sophomore from Plano, Texas. Her involvement includes:

Kristine, Cross
Kristine, Cross - Peer Mentor Educational Background: Nutrition Major

Kristine is a rising junior from Houston, Texas. Her involvement includes:

Jabyree, McMaster
Marilyn, Toc
Marilyn, Toc - Peer Mentor Educational Background: Rehabilitation Services

Marilyn is a rising sophomore from Katy, Texas. Her involvement includes:

Allynn, Shaffer
Allynn, Shaffer - Peer Mentor Educational Background: Health Science Major

Allynn is a rising junior from Houston, Texas. She is currently a member of:

Armando, Gonzalles
Armando, Gonzalles - Peer Mentor Educational Background: Math Major

Armando is a rising junior from Fort Worth, Texas. Armando is currently the:

Faculty and Staff Mentors

Dr. Mary Hawkins

Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology

Dr. Deborah A. Sibila

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Dr. Rebecca Parr

Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Jonathan Mitchell

Assistant Professor of Math

Dr. Mikhail Kouliavtsev

Professor & Chair of College of Business

Veronica Weaver

Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs

Dr. Joyce Johnston

Professor of French & Multidisciplinary Degrees

Trina Menefee

Academic Advisor of Science & Math

Dr. Jannah Nerren

Associate Dean of College of Education

Emilee Soto, J.D.

Assistant General Counsel

Dr. Paige R. Mask

Associate Professor of the Department of Human Services

Beverly Morehouse

Grant & Contract Specialist

Dr. Lauren Gonzalez

Assistant Professor of Elementary Education

D'nese Haddox

Associate Director of Residence Life

Dr. Jacqueline Cowan

Assistant Professor of English & Creative Writing

Dr. Shelby Gull Laird

Assistant Professor of Communications of Natural Resource Issues

Dr. Griselda Flores

Assistant Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs

Jonathan M. Helmke

Associate Director of Library Information Service

Brittany Beck

Senior Admissions Counselor

Dr. Clive Muir

Department of Business Communication

Dr. Anjum Najmi

Librarian of Student Engagement

Nita Hudson

Music Lecturer and Assistant Director/Production Stage Manager

Erica Chapman

Reference Librarian