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SI Groups

Supplemental Instruction "SI" Groups offer a second review of the class material. These interactive sessions help you grasp ideas and practice problems so you’re prepared for whatever the test might bring. You may attend SI Groups for courses that serve a professor other than yours, and students who attend regularly have priority at test review sessions.

Walk-In Tables

On-Call Tutors are available at the Walk-In Tables at set hours to help you prepare and study for your classes. They can answer questions, direct you in problem solving, review concepts, or just be near if you have a question while studying. This service requires no appointment and can be used as often as you like.

Power Hour

Power Hours are dedicated walk-in table hours with specialized tutoring for specific courses that are in high demand. Students may visit general walk-in tables anytime for these courses as well.

Learning Teams

Learning Teams consist of 3 - 4 students enrolled in a specific course with a coach (peer tutor). The student chooses to join a team that meets once or twice a week. The team works together to increase understanding of the material. The team will meet in the AARC waiting area for the first meeting; thereafter, the team will meet in a designated room. Sign up during Open Enrollment*!

1:1 Appointments

Students may sign up for one appointment per week per class. Ask about availability during open enrollments. The appointments are one hour long and held in the AARC.

Please note - weekly appointments of all types are highly sought after, so the attendance policy is strictly enforced.

Sign up during Open Enrollment*!

  • Must call to cancel
  • May only miss one session
  • Must stay for duration

Spring 2018 Schedules


See the Business SI Group schedule and Walk-In Table schedule for more details.

Course SI Groups Walk-In Tables
ACC 231 X X
ACC 232 X X
ACC 331 X X
Other ACC   X
ECO 231 X X
ECO 232 X X
ECO 339 X X

Computer Science

Computer Science tutoring is available through Walk-In Tables in McKibbin 324.

Monday - Thursday
4 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Liberal Arts

See the Liberal Arts SI Group schedule for more details.

Course SI Groups Power Hour
ANT 231 X X
HIS 133 X X
HIS 134 X X
HIS 151   X
HIS 152   X
PHI 153   X
PSC 141 X X
PSC 142 X X
PSY 133 X X
SOC 137 X X
SPA 131   X
SPA 132   X
SPA 231   X
SPA 232   X


General mathematics tutoring is available through Walk-In Tables in the AARC.
Monday - Thursday, 1 p.m. - 8 p.m. and Sunday, 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.

See the Mathematics Power Hour schedule for specialized tutoring for specific courses.

Course Power Hour Learning Teams
MTH 098 X X
MTH 099 X X
MTH 110 X X
MTH 127 X X
MTH 128 X  
MTH 129 X  
MTH 133 X X
MTH 138 X X
MTH 139 X X
MTH 140 X  
MTH 143 X  
MTH 144 X  
MTH 220 X X
MTH 223 X X
MTH 234 X X


See the Science SI Group schedule and Walk-In Table schedule for more details.

Course SI Groups Walk-In Tables
AST 105 X X
BIO 121 X X
BIO 131 X X
BIO 133 X X
BIO 238 X X
Other BIO   X
CHE 111 X X
CHE 133   X
Other CHE   X
GEO 131 X  
HMS 239 X X
NUR 304 X X
NUR 306   X
PHY 101   X


Staff directory

Physical Address
Ralph W. Steen Library
First Floor

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 13055, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962

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