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Our tutors are just like you — students. They earned an A or B in the courses they are tutoring. They are trained to share not only the content but tips on how to study that content and to remember what you study. There is a science to that process, and we want you to know it!

Our tutors are certified at three levels by the International Tutor Training Program because our training is effective. All of our tutors are passionate about helping you succeed.

Click on a photo below to learn more about our tutors, including their story of academic struggle and how they learned to turn setbacks into comebacks. Ready for your own comeback story? Visit our tutoring services webpage and let's get started.

Hi, I'm Amelia and I tutor:

All Writing courses

Testimony to the Struggle

Switching from the writing I did in high school to writing for college was a big step, and I was really nervous! I remember spending a lot of time (read: hours a week) in my professors’ offices during my freshman year asking them how I could improve my essays. One class in particular, a research and analysis based class, required me to write frequently and at a high academic level. Through continuing to work with my professor on my writing skills, I eventually started getting A’s on those papers, and I made an A in the (very difficult) class. Now I know how to defend and present my ideas in a way that makes sense to others, and I have found joy in writing them into essays!

Hi, I'm Ameray and I tutor:

All Writing courses

Testimony to the Struggle

Over the course of my academic career, I have had to overcome the very real fear of failure. It got so bad my sophomore year that I would allow anxiety to influence my actions and decisions, which led to self-sabotage. What helped me through this was establishing my identity in something secure and not allowing any of my failures to overshadow the joys of my victories. I intentionally sought to be optimistic and less critical of my accomplishments, which led to a great deal of freedom.

Hi, I'm Ashton and I tutor:

MATH 0398, MATH 1332

Testimony to the Struggle

I took astronomy my second semester at SFA. I am really bad at science, however, and failed three out of the four exams. Going into my final, I had a 56 average in the class and had to get a 70 or higher on the exam to receive D overall. I studied for a whole week and spent 12 hours the day before my exam in the library doing practice tests over and over until I got in the 90s or 100 every time. I got a 76 on my final and passed the class with a D.

Hi, I'm Daniel and I tutor courses in:


Testimony to the Struggle

I earned an A on my first college exam, which was way above the class average, and got a bit too confident. I didn't study enough for the next one and ended up with the lowest midterm grade in the entire class. That grade dropped my overall course grade, forcing me to reconsider my study habits. I did much better on the final and never let myself get so overconfident for an exam again.

Hi, I'm Ellie and I tutor:

All Writing courses

Testimony to the Struggle

Writing used to be a subject in which I struggled. I dreaded going to my English classes because I thought I would never be good at it. My freshman-year English professor changed that completely! She called me into her office after reading my first essay, and we talked for an hour about topics in which I was actually interested. She helped me discover that it is so much easier, and a lot more fun, to write on topics about which you are passionate. Then I got my first-ever A on an essay! I learned that your professors want you to succeed and will help you in every way they can if you are open to their feedback.

Hi, I'm Emmie and I tutor:

GEOL 1301, GEOL 1303, GEOL 1304, ENVR 1301

Testimony to the Struggle

In my first semester at SFA, I was struggling with Intro to Chemistry I. It was my first college science class, so I was already nervous, and the material we were learning was going by quicker than I anticipated. I knew I had to figure out a way to pass the course so that my GPA wouldn’t suffer. I reevaluated how I studied for exams and learned new study methods. I also used the textbook more and found online resources that explained the material in a new way. I ended up passing the course and was much more prepared for my future science courses!

Hi, I'm Eriqa and I tutor:

MATH 1350, MATH 1351, MATH 1352

Testimony to the Struggle

Despite my experience in related courses, I had a difficult time entering my higher-level courses and scored lower on my first exam than anticipated. While meeting with my professor, I discovered that my study methods were not adequately helping me prepare for my exams. By incorporating new study methods and meeting with my professor more frequently, I saw an improvement in my scores and was able to earn an A in the course.

Hi, I'm Isabelle and I tutor:

NUTR 2339

Testimony to the Struggle

During my first semester at SFA, I took an introductory biology class. I knew college science courses were considerably more challenging than those in high school, so I had figure out how to effectively study all the class material I was expected to know on exam day. I had heard about the AARC and decided to attend the SI sessions each week. I learned new studying strategies and acquired more studying resources that helped me complete the class with an A!

Hi, I'm Rachel and I tutor:

MATH 0398, MATH 0199, MATH 1314, MATH 1316, MATH 1318, MATH 2412, MATH 2313

Testimony to the Struggle

I took Calculus I during my first semester at SFA, and while I had always prided myself on being decent at math, this class made me realize that I needed more help outside of the classroom. I went to the AARC's walk-in tables to get that extra help and always felt more confident by the time I walked out. Although the class was tough, with the extra help I received from friendly AARC tutors, I was able to succeed in the course.

Hi, I'm Johanna and I tutor courses in:


Testimony to the Struggle

When I was entering college, I knew I would need to develop better study habits as they were basically nonexistent in high school. As a college freshman, I took advantage of the AARC and learned how to study effectively for my classes. Now, I am a tutor for some of the same classes I struggled with my first year here!

Hi, I'm Maddie and I tutor:

COSC 1301

Testimony to the Struggle

Being a nursing major comes with some sincere struggles in some classes, but the best thing I did for myself was to get involved with the AARC. I went to an SI learning team and had a 1:1 tutor. My tutors taught me how to be a better student and how to get through the difficult times in college.

Hi, I'm Maggie and I tutor:

MATH 1350, MATH 1351, MATH 1352

Testimony to the Struggle

I thought I had always been fairly good with math, but elementary education math was a whole new ball game. I struggled putting my thoughts and processes into words for the class, but with the help of an AARC tutor, I pushed through. Knowing that one day I could provide the same help to future struggling students helped get me through the class, as well!

Hi, I'm Melinda and I tutor:

MATH 1342

A little about me:

In addition to working as an AARC tutor, I also serve as a teaching assistant in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. My interests include sleeping and painting, and a weakness of mine is taking on too much work!

Testimony to the Struggle

I have trouble prioritizing my school work over my jobs. This often means I have to work harder and attend my professors’ office hours more often to catch up and really understand the material while also utilizing my AARC coworkers for help when needed. In the moment, it may seem that the world could be ending, but I know the challenges I’m facing make me a better student.

"The temptation to quit will be the greatest just before you're about to succeed." - Chinese Proverb

Hi, I'm Rachel and I tutor:

BIOL 2301

Testimony to the Struggle

Two days into Anatomy and Physiology I, I changed my major from nursing to data analytics because I quickly realized that the human body was not something I wanted to spend the rest of my life looking at. If I wanted to stay a full-time student, I had to stick through the semester and find a way to succeed in the course. I used the AARC’s learning teams and created a study group where we quizzed each other and played games to make our studying fun, and it paid off!

Hi, I'm Sabina and I tutor:

BIOL 1306, BIOL 1307, CHEM 1305, CHEM 1311, CHEM 1312

Testimony to the Struggle

When I first began taking CSCI 2302 my sophomore year, I found the class easy because I was doing well on quizzes and homework just by attending class and paying attention. I didn’t allocate much study time for it at home. As a result, I got a low C on my first exam. It was an important class for me to be able to move on to upper-level courses, so I changed my study habits and started taking the class more seriously.

Hi, I'm Samantha and I tutor:

MATH 0398, MATH 1314, MATH 1316, MATH 1318, MATH 2211, MATH 2212, MATH 2313

Testimony to the Struggle

In high school, I struggled with math big time. Being a straight-A student, it was discouraging to have a C average in my Algebra II class. I decided to do whatever it took to raise my grade and attended my teacher’s tutorials every afternoon. I grew so much from that struggle and even found a love for math I never had before! I am so thankful to be able to give back as a math tutor.

Hi, I'm Stephan and I tutor:

ECON 2301, ECON 2302, FINC 3333

Testimony to the Struggle

My biggest struggle was raising the $27,000 I needed to fund my finance degree. Being from the tiny island of Grenada, which is approximately 13 square miles, job opportunities were scarce. I worked as a bank teller earning $4 an hour, as a fisherman despite sea sickness, as well as jobs in retail, poultry, construction and plumbing. After four long years of no vacation, I am now two semesters away from completing my BBA in finance at SFA with a 4.0 cumulative GPA.​

Hi, I'm Thomas and I tutor courses in:

Political Science

Testimony to the Struggle

I got cocky with one communications class, barely studied before the first exam, and failed it miserably. I had to completely rethink how I study and find new methods to help me understand the content that had always come easy to me. I spent the next unit studying daily and learning entirely new strategies, with it all paying off when I got a 100 on the second exam. I learned that sometimes you must study smarter, not harder, and rethink how you're absorbing information.

Hi, I'm Victoria and I tutor courses in:


Testimony to the Struggle

I honestly had a difficult time transitioning from high school to college. Despite taking honors classes, I came to SFA having no clue how to study. I also had no experience reading as much as my classes demanded. It seemed impossible to keep up with my workload, and I barely passed my first round of tests. I realized I desperately needed advice and guidance. I started meeting with my professors, forming study groups and even utilizing the AARC. It was hard work, but I now have all the tools I need to be successful. Don’t be scared to reach out for help when you need it!


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