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Testimonials from real SFA students!

Still not convinced the AARC can greatly impact your academic career? Take a look below and read what our students are saying about the AARC.

The following testimonials have been slightly edited for clarity and anonymity.

My tutor is very passionate about helping me and my fellow classmates learn the material for the history course we are currently taking. They always provide an in-depth session to make sure everyone who attends the SI understands the lecture material and does well on the exams. The sessions are very interactive and have truly helped me a lot.

My tutor is amazing and helps me a lot with my papers, making the subject to where I can understand it. Even if it's a small question, my tutor helps so much.

I love my tutor's energy and the way they explain the material! They help you learn and understand.

My tutor has been so patient with me. They always try to explain the material to accommodate my learning style.

My tutor has given me a better understanding of the material, and has improved my confidence learning the class material.

My AARC tutor has been utterly amazing and genuinely enjoys helping others with computer science material. My tutor is one of the sole reasons I haven't failed a lot of my computer science classes, namely the summer course where I had to learn Linux in a month. I was stuck, and my tutor assisted in my understanding of the coursework. And for the AARC itself? I will 100% say that it is worth the money the university invests into the program any day of the week, and I happily recommend it to other students who are having trouble with their coursework.

My tutor was awesome. I came to have one question critiqued and my tutor went all out,  read the entire paper and showed me the ropes.

My tutor helps us a lot during SI and walk-ins by showing us the steps of reaction. They've shown us tricks to solve problems and to look at things differently to answer them. They really helped me become better at organic chemistry. The AARC is great, and I use it every semester if it's available for my courses.

My tutor really knows the material and is so helpful every time I come for walk-in tables.

My SI for sociology is the best! They're so sweet and they know the material.

My tutor saved my life in calculus!

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My tutor is fantastic at what they do and are fun to be around but doesn't let the fun distract from the tutoring. They make sure to help you along the way with whatever you need. They're super smart and have answered all of my questions about statistics no matter how trivial they may be.

My tutor was a great help. I've had this tutor several times and they really know the content.

My tutor explained concepts in ways that make sense and helped me better understand the material.

At the beginning of the semester, I didn't attend the SI sessions and was very lost in the course. Once I began attending SI sessions, my tutor helped me learn the main points of the lessons to do well. Now I attend all the sessions and am doing a lot better.

Math has never been my strong suit, but this semester I have exam scores beyond passing! They make the information so easy to understand.

The first time I came into the AARC to find help understanding my class material, I was completely lost. The tutor helped me with everything, including reviewing for Introduction to Statistics that I didn't take at SFA. They were very nice about me not remembering anything, and their enthusiastic “it's okay!” always made me feel better. My tutor would ask me questions about concepts I thought I didn't understand, but because of their constant motivation, I realized I do know the concepts.

I'm not very confident in my writing skills, so I get anxious when writing papers. Going to the AARC and having the tutors help and reassure me about my papers has boosted my writing confidence, and I really enjoy coming in knowing I'm not helpless.

My tutor made organic chemistry fun, and I learned a lot from them.

My tutor helped me figure out a way to study that helped me do my best in the class.

My tutor is great! They review the material in fun and interesting ways to make the content easier to remember.

My tutor is one of the best AARC tutors I’ve had help me. They’re always available, happy to answer any questions I have and very knowledgeable about the material. My tutor is enthusiastic and explains difficult concepts I previously did not understand, going above and beyond to help when you are confused on a concept.

I had a great tutor for biology! My tutor loves the content and is great at explaining and answering questions. They’re just a phenomenal tutor who really changed my college experience. I was so close to giving up, but my tutor is a subject-matter expert in their field. They're kind and present the material with the utmost professionalism.

My tutor is the most helpful I have ever met. They are extremely optimistic and always help to find a solution to our problems. They genuinely care about the well-being and success of each and every student. I am getting an A in biology because of their clear explanations and reviewing techniques.

My tutor gave me the confidence to go through the semester on track to complete my goals. I was not strong in some areas, but my tutor guided and helped me through the issues. Thanks, AARC!

My tutor has been extremely helpful throughout the semester and is a huge reason why I've had the confidence to keep pushing through hard classes.

My fantastic tutor knows the material and relays it in a way other students can understand. They break topics down even further than our professor does in lecture and makes sure we're all on the same page before moving on. They don't make anyone feel inferior or “dumb” for answering incorrectly and encourages students to participate so we can better comprehend the material. The AARC's services are incredible as it is, and I will be sure to continue to use them during my time at SFA.

My tutor made us feel more comfortable because they took this class themselves and did well, which meant they knew what it takes to succeed in the class.

My tutor knew what they were talking about and was able to present the information in different ways. This made it easier for me to understand the various materials better. I also liked how they gave good examples and related it to things outside of biology.

My tutor clarified so many things I was struggling with. It helped me understand material for my class way better!

My tutors have really helped me throughout this semester in anatomy and physiology. To be honest, if it wasn't for them, I would be struggling. I really want to thank them for taking the time twice a week to conduct the SI sessions!

My tutor is super kind, patient and very understanding. I feel more encouraged to participate in SI because, even if my answer is wrong, my tutor will explain why it’s incorrect and explain the correct answer without judging. I'm not afraid to make a mistake in SI, and I feel very comfortable asking questions.

The SI for PHYS 1301 is very helpful!


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