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A message from the director, M.E. McWilliams

We are an award-winning program that provides free peer tutoring for many entry-level and some upper-level courses. We assist with writing, no matter what class. We also gladly meet students where they are. That means we offer you versatile tutoring options: in-person, online, livestream, individual, group, appointment, walk-in… We want you to discover what works for you!

All sessions are led by one of our trained and certified tutors — many of whom were hand-selected by your instructor. Our tutors are your peers — they have experienced academic challenges and utilized the AARC to push through.

They are tutors because they really care about your success.

As a tutoring resource, we strongly believe in visual and audio aids. Watch the videos below to better understand the AARC and what to expect when using our services, and then stop by to see for yourself!

Welcome to the AARC!
ME McWilliams explains the AARC

A glimpse into the AARC's vibe
An active AARC

Axe 'em, Jacks!

M.E. McWilliams


Staff directory

Physical Address
Ralph W. Steen Library
First Floor

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 13055, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962