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Academic Assistance and
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We are an award-winning program that provides free peer tutoring for many entry-level courses. Choose between in-person, online, and live-stream tutoring through a variety of session sizes and formats. There are many different learning styles and tutoring is only truly effective if it meets the student where they are. Simply put: We make it easy for you to get the help you need.

All tutoring sessions are led by one of our 150+ trained and certified tutors — many of whom were hand-selected by your instructor. Our tutors are your peers - they have experienced academic challenges and utilized the AARC to push through. They are genuinely interested in your success!

Meet some of our tutors

Fast Facts

  • 150+
    trained and certified
    peer tutors
  • Services used by
  • 83%
    success rate
    from students who use
    the AARC five+ times
  • An average of
    total visits annually

Our Mission

The AARC transforms the way Lumberjacks learn through the personal attention of our trained peer tutors who meet students “where they are” by utilizing innovative, proven strategies to maximize individual potential and to increase momentum to graduation.

Peer Tutoring

Our tutors are just like you - students!

They are passionate about helping their fellow Lumberjacks and have earned a B or higher in the courses they are tutoring. Some of our tutors also serve as team leaders, mentoring other tutors and assisting our program directors in program planning and training.

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Regionally & Nationally Accredited

The AARC is regionally and nationally accredited and has received the following recognitions:

College Reading and Learning Association: International PEER EDUCATOR Training Program Certification

College Reading and Learning Association: International TUTOR Training Program Certification

National Association for Developmental Education: Distinguished Certification

Texas Association of Developmental Education: Distinguished Program Award

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board: Star Award

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    Physical Address
    Ralph W. Steen Library
    First Floor

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 13055, SFA Station
    Nacogdoches, Texas 75962