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SFA Weeks of Welcome

SFA Weeks of Welcome

The Orientation Programs Department plans and implements SFA Weeks of Welcome (SFA WoW).

The purpose of SFA WoW is to welcome new students to campus and introduce them to campus life. For returning students, SFA WoW is a way for students to become involved and interact with new students and campus organizations. SFA Weeks of Welcome programming takes place the first two weeks of every fall and spring semester.

Make sure to come out to all of the wonderful events! See you there!

Additional information, contact the Orientation Programs office at (936) 468-6641 or

SFA Weeks of Welcome

Start the semester right with SFA Weeks of Welcome!

2018 Spring WoW Schedule

Spring WoW Schedule

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Updated: Wednesday, January 03, 2018

SFA WoW Council Applications

Benefits of being a part of our SFA WoW team:

If you are interested in being a part of the team, please CLICK HERE!

Transfer Student Network

SFA's Transfer Student Network program supports transfer student transition from their previous institutions and integrates them into life at SFA. The program recruits successful transfer students who volunteer to be a mentor and participate in trainings and programs geared toward effective mentorship for incoming transfer students.

Incoming transfer students are encouraged to participate in programs, sign up to be paired with a mentor, and to later serve as a mentor to new transfer students the following year. A Meet and Greet occurs during SFA Weeks of Welcome to serve as the initial connection for new and current transfer students. Active participation in the Transfer Student Network ensures students form a connection with at least one student they can use as a resource during their time at SFA.

Opportunities through the Transfer Student Network

SFA Weeks of Welcome Team

Celine Gragasin - Student Coordinator Educational Background: Sophomore; Human Resource Management Major
Maya Smith - Student Coordinator Educational Background: Sophomore; Molecular and Cellular Biology Major
Mykaela Smith - Student Coordinator Educational Background: Sophomore; Film/Cinematography Major

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