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Jacks Back Weeks of Welcome

Jacks Back Weeks of Welcome

The Orientation Programs Department plans and implements Jacks Back, SFA's Weeks of Welcome. The purpose of Jacks Back is to welcome new students to campus, and introduce them to campus life. For returning students, Jacks Back is a way for students to become involved and interact with new students and campus organizations. 2014 Fall Jacks Back Weeks of Welcome will be held August 22nd -September 6th. Make sure to come out to all of the wonderful events! See you there!

Final Schedule will be posted by May 2014!

Additional information, contact the Orientation Programs office at (936) 468-6641!

2014 Jacks Back Weeks of Welcome Staff Opportunities

Want to be a part of 2014 Fall Jacks Back Welcome Week? Orientation Programs is proud to announce a brand new involvement opportunity for students: WOW Student Coordinator and WOW Leader!

WOW Student Coordinator

Want to gain more leadership skills and volunteer experience? Looking to get involved with Weeks of Welcome in a bigger way? Want a chance to make a difference and gain great experience? Then take the next step and apply to be a WEEKS OF WELCOME STUDENT COODINATOR! WOW Student Coordinators are an important part of Fall Weeks of Welcome. Being a student Coordinator is a excellent leadership opportunity that helps plan, recruit and assist WOW Leaders as well as Weeks of Welcome. As a Student Coordinator you will help recruit, select and train WOW Leaders, as well as set up and facilitate events happening during Weeks of Welcome and get involved in the planning of Weeks of Welcome as early as the Spring Semester!

Applications for Student Coordinators go out February 3rd and are due March 28th!

WOW Leader

Want to welcome new and current students to campus by attending and volunteering at events on campus? Looking for a way to get involved on-campus but don't have a lot of time? Want some great leadership experiences and a chance to make a difference at SFA? We have a solution! BECOME A WEEKS OF WELCOME LEADER! WOW Leaders are an important part of Fall Weeks of Welcome. Being a weeks of welcome leader is a wonderful leadership opportunity that helps transition students back on campus and welcome them to the SFA Family. As a Weeks of Welcome leader you will help with the set up and facilitation of events as well as getting students involved an excited about being at SFA. In addition, you will promote and attract others to attend weeks of welcome events.

Applications for WOW Leaders go out March 17th!

WOW Leader Application

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Updated: Monday, March 17, 2014

WOW Student Coordinator Application

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Jacks Back WOW Event Request Form

Interested in having an event on the 2014 Weeks of Welcome Schedule? Fill out this form to have your event considered! The deadline for event submissions is April 18th.

Jack Back WOW Event Request Form