Stephen F. Austin State University

How to Drop

Students may register or add full semester classes on the Internet using mySFA through the 4th Class Day in the fall and spring semesters and through the 2nd Class Day during the summer sessions. Full semester courses may be dropped via the Internet through the 12th Class Dayin the fall and spring semesters and through the 4th Class Day during the summer sessions.

A student dropping a full semester course within the first 12 class days of a regular semester or the first 4 class days of a summer term is eligible for a refund of applicable tuition and fees for the course dropped, provided the student remains enrolled at the University for that semester or term. Beginning with the 13th or the fifth class day all drops must be processed in room 201 of the Rusk Building between the hours of 8am-5pm. Students may drop classes through five working days past mid-semester or mid-session as applicable. A student will not be allowed to drop a course after these dates, unless he or she withdraws from the University. For full policy information, please view the Official SFA Course Add/Drop policy.

There is no charge for dropping courses. An addition of hours to any current course load will increase the bill. Please see the Schedule of Classes for full instructions concerning the adding and dropping of courses. Students dropping all of their course load during any semester are withdrawing from the university. The withdrawal process is initiated in Room 202 of the Rusk Building. If you have questions concerning the withdrawal process, contact the Office of the Registrar at (936) 468-1370, or e-mail

For 12th/4th Class Day dates view the official SFA Calendar.

For Further Information Contact: Registrar's Office