Stephen F. Austin State University

Class Rosters

Class Rosters

Current class rosters are available to faculty through Self Service Banner online. Email class rosters are also sent to departments several times per term.

The online class roster will allow authorized users to view the following student information for each class:

Access to Class Lists/Rosters


Faculty must use the hardcopy First Day class rosters and Official Reporting Day class rosters that are provided by the Registrar's Office for taking attendance on the appropriate designated days.

Online Class Rosters

Online Class Lists can be found on mySFA>Self Service Banner>Faculty tab>Class List. No special authorization required. However, everyone using Self Service Banner must have a valid Username and Password in order to log in to mySFA. Instructors only have access to Class Lists of sections they are assigned to teach.


Emailed PDF Class Rosters:

Class rosters are periodically sent to academic departments from the Office of the Registrar via email according to the following schedule:

In order to receive the class roster(s) via email, academic departments must make sure that the Registrar's Office is informed of the appropriate individuals and the email addresses.