Stephen F. Austin State University


See instructions on how to enter Mid-term grades.

See instructions on how to enter Final grades.

Below is a list of Final grades that may be awarded to students by instructors. Mid-term grades do not have an option of WH, QF, WP, nor WF.

A Excellent

B Good

C Average

D Passing

F Failure

P Passing. Used only with classes that are classified or flagged as being Pass/Fail.

QF Quit Fail. Student quit attending and did not officially withdraw. See below.

AU Audit grade. Student has registered to audit the course. Students must sign up to audit a course through the Registrar's office.

WH Withheld grade. Student must complete assigned work within specified time (up to one year.) After one year, the WH is changed to an F.

When entering grades, if the only grade option is WP or WF, the student has withdrawn through the Registrar's office between specific dates.

There is no longer a QF date. A QF grade is to be awarded to students who stop attending and do not officially withdraw from the university.

Instructors may not award a grade of W. These grades are used only when the student withdrew or dropped a class in the Registrar's office.

If you have any questions, please call 1370.