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Residence Life

Mutual Room Swap Request

This request is used for students who want to swap rooms with another student assigned on campus, before the semester begins. All requests must be mutual. This form is not available after the residence halls have opened for the semester. Room changes after the semester begins will be made with the Hall Director and building changes must be made through the Residence Life Department.

Room Swap Request

The room swap is not complete until we receive a request from both students requesting the room swap. Once the swap is complete, each student will receive a confirmation email to their SFA email address. Students may only swap with students of the same gender. Students living in Residential Learning Communities may not swap outside of that community. First year students may not swap with upperclassmen.

Apply for Housing

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Students with fall 2015 assignments may change their room assignment through August 1 on their mySFA account

Department of Residence Life Mission

The Residence Life Department exists as an integral part of the educational experience and academic support services of Stephen F. Austin State University. The mission of the Residence Life Department is to provide a learner-centered residential environment which is conducive to the academic success and personal development of our students.

This will be achieved by:
• Providing services that enhance the academic success and intellectual engagement of the residents;
• Providing a variety of programming opportunities which enhance student growth, learning, and interactions;
• Providing multiple living/learning communities to meet diverse student needs;
• Providing facilities that are clean, well maintained, cost effective, convenient, and adaptive to student needs;
• Providing staff who are positive role models, encourage personal development, and serve as leaders in the community.