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The structure at 201 West Pilar is a surviving remnant of the much-larger Banita Hotel, which was constructed in the late 19th century a few blocks to the west. The 1896 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map for Nacogdoches shows that the hotel was under construction in that year. A succession of proprietors, including Norvell Green Wade, John Richard McKinney, and Zeno Alexander Cox, held the property.

By the early 1920's, Zeno Cox had divided the hotel into two smaller apartment buildings. One section remained on the original site, but a second section (the one that currently survives) was moved to the west. The 1922 Sandborn Fire Insurance Map clearly designates "East Banita Apartments" and "West Banita Apartments. Footprints of the two buildings also appear on the 1921 Sanborn Map, but the western structure is not clearly labeled.

Fire destroyed the western building in April, 1926, and two sisters who owned a millinery shop in downtown Nacogdoches were killed in the blaze.

As of August, 2011, the surviving building is in poor structural condition.

A brochure in the files of the Nacogdoches County Appraisal District details the history of the Banita Hotel and includes pictures of the original building. Brochure Page 1, Brochure Page 2.

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