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Stephen F. Austin State University

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. George Avery
Dr. George Avery - Archaeology Phone: 936-468-2457
Dr. Perky Beisel
Dr. Perky Beisel - Public History/Historic Preservation Phone: 936-468-2093
Dr. Leslie Cecil
Dr. Leslie Cecil - Archaeology Phone: 936-468-3980
Dr. Theresa Coble
Dr. Theresa Coble - Resource Interpretation, ATCOFA Phone: 936-468-1354
Dr. William Forbes
Dr. William Forbes - Environmental and Economic Geography Phone: 936-468-2373
Dr. Darrel McDonald
Dr. Darrel McDonald - Cultural Geography/GIS Phone: 936-468-1347
Linda Reynolds
Linda Reynolds - ETRC Phone: 936-468-1562
Dr. Jeffrey Roth
Dr. Jeffrey Roth - Historical and Cultural Geography Phone: 936-468-6652
Dr. Chay Runnels
Dr. Chay Runnels - Heritage Tourism, COE Phone: 936-468-2060
Dr. Paul Sandul
Dr. Paul Sandul - Public History/Oral History Phone: 936-468-6643
Carolyn Spears
Carolyn Spears - Stone Fort Museum Phone: 936-468-2408
Dr. Pat Stephens Williams
Dr. Pat Stephens Williams - Resource Interpretation, ATCOFA Phone: 936-468-2196