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Nacogdoches Railroad Depot


The Historic Nacogdoches Railroad Depot is open for tours during the school year and summer months.

Here you can view previous exhibits and a short documentary about the Depot.

The Nacogdoches Train Depot - Documentary

A three part series documenting the influence of trains and train travel on the town of Nacogdoches, Tx.

Part 1
Brian Bray - The Nacogdoches Train Depot - Depot Documentary

Part 2
Dr. Tom McKinney - Railroads of Nacogdoches - Depot Documentary

Part 3
Hugh Hemphill - Vitalizing a Nation - Depot Documentary

Each video includes subtitles (click on 'CC' on the bottom right hand side of the video to start subtitles).

Created by: Casey Thompson
Narration by: Rene Valdez

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