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Dallas Caddo Hunting and Fishing Club

5481 Cypress Drive East, Uncertain

Architectural Survey

Built in 1912, the Dallas Caddo Club is a two-story Colonial Revival structure. The ground level has a wrap around screened in porch with an outside hipped roof, one story porch supported by three square colomns.

Historical Background

The Dallas Caddo Club was founded in 1912 as a hunting and fishing club for the elite of the Dallas area. It is the oldest continuous operation on Caddo lake. In the 1930s, organizational meetings of the State Parks Board were held at the club. Along with the main house, the two-hundred acres also have an old locker room, a boat house, and a caretaker's house. According to the advertisment brochure anyone that wanted to join the club had to make a written application to purchase one share of its capital stock. Annual dues for each member were $25 payable in advance in Janurary. Non-members had to be accompanied by a member at all times and had to pay a $1 fee per day. Members were never allowed to bring more than two guests at a time.
Caddo Lake became one of the most popular fishing resorts in this area of the country, covering fifty-seven miles. It was an ideal breeding places for white perch and bass in the U.S. Due to the lake's large ares of shallow waters it provides ideal conditions for spawning, and furnishes most of the stock for the Texas fish hatcheries each year.
Some members to note: S. H. Frazier, James Harris, Isaac Hochwald,
In 1960 the care taker's house was renovated and the club house was repainted. (Dallas Caddo Club File, Harrison County Archives)
Dallas Caddo Club Photos