Stephen F. Austin State University

Dopplemayer House

401 S. Washington, Marshall

Current Owners 2013: Dennis & Martha Partee

Sanborn Maps:

Architectural Survey

Architectural Survey

According to the "Lale Trail" brochure compiled by Max Lale, the Dopplemayer house was built in 1856, but since it does not appear on the Sanborn Maps until 1899 it seems reasonable to conclude that the home was built at a later date. Therefore, the home reflects Fold Victorian architecture. The one-story home is a symetrical facade with a gable-front-and wing, with a porch supported by wooden coloumns decorated with flat spindlework detailing.

Historical Background

The Dopplemayer home was built for a German candy confectioner and Confederate veteren Daniel Dopplemayer. A relative of Joe Weisman, he was also a partner in the Joe Weisman & Co. mercantile store. Although the "Lale Trail" brochure says the home was built around 1856, the structure does not appear on the Sandborn Maps until 1899.
Dopplemayer Photos