Stephen F. Austin State University

Duffield-Williams Cottage

508 E. Austin, Marshall

Current Owner 2013: James Edmond Williams

Sanborn Maps:

Architectural Survey

Architectural Survey

The Duffiedl Williams Cottage is a one-story Greek Revival home. The structure has a porch that covers three of the five bay facade with a shed roof supporeted by four square coloumns. The glass pane, double-door entry is surrounded by narrow sidelights and a rectangular line of transom lights above.

Historical Background

The Duffield Cottage deed was first recorded in 1844 by Priscilla Duffield. According to Max Lale, the cottage is said to have been a two-room cabin, with an open dog-trot by earlier owners, but was transformed by later owners into the the Greek Revival structure that stands today.
Duffield-Williams Cottage Photos