Stephen F. Austin State University

Gatling-Manire Home (The Columns)

507 W. Rusk, Marshall

Current Owner: Lemoine W. Reedstrom

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Architectural Survey

Architectural Survey

According to A Field Guide to American House by McAlester & McAlester, the 1883 two-story Gatling-Manire home is a Colonial Revival structure which dates from 1880-1955. Colonial Revival structures have accentuated front doors, with a decorative crown supported by pilasters or extended forward and supported by slender coloumns. The cade normally shows symmetrically balanced windows and a center door, and windows tend to be double-hung sashes usually with multi-pane glazing in one or both sashes and often paired. But the home resembles Neo-classical (1895-1950) architectureal styles more in that the facade is dominated by a full-height double-gallery porch with the roof supported by four Ionic classical columns. The windows are double-hung and symmetrically balanced but they are not in pairs, nor do they have multi-panes.

Historical Background

The Gatling-Manire house was built by R.B. and Sarah Granbery Gatling in1883 and then later owned by Philip Manire. According to Max Lale, Philip Manire was the thought to have been the owner of the first cotton gin in Texas.
Gatling-Manire House Photos