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Ginocchio-Meyer Home

614 N. Washington, Marshall

Current Owner 2013: Brandy Crutchfield & Rashell Garcia

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National Register File

The Ginicchio-Meyer was listed on the National Reigster in 1969 with a group of structures located in the Giniocchio Historic District.

Architectural Survey

Architectural Survey

The Ginicchio-Meyer home is a one-story, brick Queen Anne strcuture.

Historical Background

Charles Ginocchio, owner of the Ginocchio Hotel and the Ginocchio home, had this home built by C. G. Lancaster for Emile Meyers, who operated a saloon in the hotel. Emile, an immigrant from Alsace-Lorraine continued to work at the hotel for many years. During the prohibition era, he converted the saloon into a soda fountain.

The home is currently owned by Brandy Crutchfield and Rashell Garcia, and after many years of vacancy, the structure is finally being renovated.

Ginocchio-Meyer Photos