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Mimosa Hall

9403 FM 134, Leigh

Current Owner 2013: Philip A. & Katherine A. Hirsch

National Reigster File

Mimsoa Hall was listed on the National Register in 1978.

Architectural Survey

Architectural Survey

• Description: Mimosa Hall is a two-story Greek Revival brick structure. The front entrance, a single door with transoms, is covered by a two-story portico with two classical columns. The original second floor balcony was replaced in 1932, by one purchased from another home in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

• Significance: Mimosa Hall is one of Harrison county's earliest brick structures and is a beautiful example of Greek Revival architecture.

Historical Background

Built in 1844, Mimosa Hall was part of a 3,000 acre plantation belonging to John Johnston Webster. After arriving in Harrison County in 1839 with his wife Miriam Richardson Brown and son John Brown Webster, Webster designed and built the home with the help of his slaves. Although the national register states that Webster ran a large and successful plantation, not much information is available on Webster and his family.
According to, Webster was a member of the U.S. Sons of the American Revolution. ( U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.)

The estate and one-hundred and fifty acres that went along with it was deeded to Douglas V. Blocker within a partition deed in 1932. (Harrison County Deed Records, Vol. 194, Pg. 449, filed December 23, 1932.) Blocker continued to own the property until 1984 when he sold it to Michael Howard. (Harrison County Deed Records, Vol. 1025, Pg. 473, filed February 6, 1984.) At some point Michael Howard deeded the property to his son Nicholas Leon Howard III, who then deeded it to his mother, Virginia Dyke Hamilton in 1989. (Harrison County Deed Records, Vol. 1218, Pg. 183, filed June 26, 1989.) Virginia sold the home in 1993 to the present owners, Andrew and Katherine Ann Hirsch. (Harrison County Deed Records, Vol. 1811, Pg. 41, filed July 15, 1993.)

The Hirsch family have maintained the home and kept it in pristine condition. The front façade remains in its original state but the remainder of the home has had many changes throughout the years as well as a rear addition which was built on in 1932.

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