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Stagecoach Road

East Poplar St., Marshall

Architectural Survey

• Description: The historic portion of Stagecoach Road is an eight mile stretch that begins at the end of East Popular St. in Marshall and comes out near Hwy. 43 in Karnack. The old stagecoach route is a narrow dirt road that sometimes sits twelve feet below the tree base levels.

• Significance: Before the Civil War the Marshall-Shreveport Stagecoach line was the main means of transportation between the two towns and provided connections to many surrounding communities.

Historical Background

Established in 1850 and operated by William Bradfield and his son John, the Marshall-Shreveport Stagecoach line made three departures weekly from Marshall and continued to do so until its decline in the late 1860s. The decline was due to the arrival of the Texas & Pacific Railroad.
Stagecoach Rd. Photos