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1017 N. Mound (Not Zoned Historic)

As of 1980, this address no longer exists, and the property is now part of 1023 N. Mound
1017 N. Mound Photographs

1017 N. Mound 2013 Summer Survey

Address: 1017 N. Mound

Block: 45

Lot: 2

Date: 1920

Description: The earliest known owner of the property was Mamie Ethel Tucker, who owned the land from 1920 to the early 1960s. At a unknown date, the Bailey family bought the land from Mamie Tucker. The Bailey family owned the property until 1963 when they sold it to the Turner family. The Turners would live on the property until 1968 when they sold it to Bill B. Birdett. Birdett would remain the owner of the property until 1970 when he sold it to Robert L. Tips. Tips used the house on the property as his own personal doctors office, and would remain the owner until 1975 when the house became a Children's Clinic. Dr. David Harkness served as the primary doctor for the clinic. The property remained a children's clinic until the late 1970s when the Nacogdoches County Hospital District bought the land and demolished the house. The hospital district began construction on a new medical complex, and in 1980 the Nacogdoches Diagnostic Center was completed. The Diagnostic Center remains today, and serves as clinic space for medical professionals.

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