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1108 N. Mound (Not Zoned Historic)

As of 1993, this address no longer exists and the property is now part of 1204 N. Mound.
1108 N. Mound Photographs

1108 N. Mound 2013 Summer Survey

Address: 1108 N. Mound

Block: 45

Lot: 49

Date: 1920

Description: The earliest known owner of the property was Clyde Stone in 1920. According to a 1929 sanborn map, Stone had a house on the property. Stone sold the land to Edwin and Dorothy Palmer in 1963. The Palmers owned the land until February 3, 1993 when Dorothy Palmer sold it to the Nacogdoches County Hospital District. After the hospital district bough the property, it demolished the house to make room for expansions to the hospital.

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