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Stephen F. Austin State University

1109 N. Mound (Not Zoned Historic)

As of 1987, this address no longer exists and the property is now part of 1204 N. Mound.
1109 N. Mound Photographs

1109 N. Mound 2013 Summer Survey

Address: 1109 N. Mound

Block: 45

Lot: 42-A

Date: 1920

Description: The earliest known owner of the property was Everett Mckay. McKay built a hose on the property, but the exact date is unknown, Research indicates that it was built between 1920 and 1937. McKay remained the owner of the property until August 9, 1961 when he sold the land to Charles Bright. Bright lived on the property for thirteen years before selling the house to the Delta Kappa Housing Foundation. The foundation leased the house to the Stephen F. Austin State University fraternity Kappa Alpha. Kappa Alpha continued to use the house until the foundation sold the property to the Nacogdoches County Hospital District on May 8, 1984. Shortly after, the house was torn down in 1987, and the property was turned into a parking lot.

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1986 Survey Information

Address: 1201 N. Mound

Block: 45

Lot: 41-C

Date: 1986

Condition: Demolished

Description: Demolished in early January 1986 before it could be surveyed and photographed.