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1303 Raguet Street (Not Zoned Historic)

1303 Raguet Street

1303 Raguet Street 2013 Summer Survey Information

Address: 1303 Raguet Street

Name: Charles W. Page, MD's Office

Date: Circa 1952

Block: 45

Lot: 13

Original Use: Dentist's Office

Current Use: Doctor's Office

Condition: Good

Description: 1-story; slab foundation; alteration, blue brick veneer; alteration, stone accents; alteration, stained wood paneling; addition, built up shingle roof; brown wood shutters; handicap accessible; 2 rear entry glass doors; tall windows in front; wood door front entry; parking lot.

Significance: Mamie Blount Stewart sold lot 13 to Frank and Bonnie P. Richardson on January 8, 1947. Two years later on June 4, 1949, the Richardson's sold the lot to Glen Rose. Glen Rose only held the property for three years until he sold it to Vyrne Shofner on March 26, 1952. According to a Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, there was no building located on the lot until Shofner purchased the property. However, it is unclear the date a building was erected. Shofner built a residential style building to fit the needs of his dental office and make his patients feel at ease. Charles W. Page, a medical doctor, bought the property from Shofner on October 13, 1995. Since Page bought the property he has made many renovations to the building which are noticeable as current and past pictures are compared. While Shofner still owned the property the two buildings were very identical in style. Unlike its neighbor to the south today, the exterior is now blue painted brick with large stones as accents, a deep stained cherry color wood paneling in the front, and a built up shingle roof.