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1301 Raguet Street (Not Zoned Historic)

1301 Raguet Street

1301 Raguet Street 2013 Summer Survey Information

Address: 1301 Raguet Street

Name: Richard L. Baker, MD Office

Date: 1917

Block: 45

Lot: 14

Original Use: Residential

Current Use: Doctor's Office

Condition: Good/Fair

Description: 1-story; pier and beam foundation; box frame weathered; red wood paneling; red brick veneer; gable roof; wood shingles; paneled windows; car port; half wrap-around porch; parking lot.

Significance: Lois Foster Blount was the recipient of the land when Edward Augustus and Itasca Sims Blount's estate was sold off. Blount sold it to Vernon Camp Cuthrell on June 28, 1945 it exchanged hands more than once in the six years that followed. Harold O. Hooker bought lot 14 from Cuthrell just shy of six months after he purchased it on December 20, 1945. Six years later, James G. Taylor, a medical doctor, bought the property from Hooker on April 2, 1951 and repurposed the house to function as a doctor's office. The location was perfect for a doctor's office because it was easily accessible due to the corner lot and less than two miles north of Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital. For thirty years, James G. Taylor and W. B. Allen ran the Taylor Allen Clinic and tended to the medical needs of the citizens of Nacogdoches. Richard L. Baker, a doctor of internal medicine, bought the property on March 1, 1984 and still owns the doctor's office on the southeast corner of the block. There have been few changes to the building's appearance over the years and it still carries the charisma it had when it was built.