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1400 Raguet Street (Not Zoned Historic)

1400 Raguet Street Photograph

1400 Raguet Street 2013 Summer Survey Information

Address: 1400 Raguet Street

Name: Sanderson Clinic

Date: 1990

Block: 45

Lot: 1 & 5


Original Use: Residential

Current Use: Doctor's Office

Condition: Good

Description: 1-story; slab foundation; pink brick; green shutters; white columns; wood side door; front porch; car port; built up shingle roof; brick chimney; paneled windows; ashpalt paved parking lot.

Significance: William Thomas Haralson owned lot 1 circa the 1930 but to whom he sold it to is unknown. W. O. Driver also owned lot 1 circa the late 1950s, early 1960s but it is unknown whom he purchased the lot from. Driver sold lot 1 to Jack B. Mathews on September 8, 1962. Anna Mary Blount Vance owned lot 5 circa 1930 and sold it to Ed and Nancy Hoya whom sold lot 5 to Jack B. Mathews on August 9, 1958. Mathews sold both lots 1 and 5 to Charles W. Morgan on November 1, 1968. David and Charlotte Sanderson bought lot 1 and 5 on April 1, 1988. To whom Morgan sold lots 1 and 5 and to whom the Sanderson's purchased lots 1 and 5 from is unsure. Lot 5 had previously been 1408 Raguet Street until it was demolished. The building on 1408 Raguet Street was a pier and beam foundation building that was built in 1956 with yellow wood siding, composite shingles, but had rotting boards when the Nacogdoches Central Appraisal District did an appraisal on September 23, 1988. The building was also vacant at the time of the appraisal and listed at fifty percent of a good physical condition. In 1989, a building permit went through to begin building a doctor's office called the Sanderson Clinic on lot 1 for $130,000 and lot 5 became the parking lot as 1408 Raguet was demolished. John C. Mast purchased both lots and the doctor's office from the Sanderson's on November 15, 2002. The Sanderson Clinic is the only doctor's office of the northern half of Raguet Street.