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502 Starr (Not Zoned Historic)

502 Starr Photos

502 Starr 2013 Summer Survey Information

Address: 502 Starr

Original Use: Religious

Current Use: Religious

Block: 1

Lots: 1 & 2

Date: Christ Episcopal Church moved from Church Street in 1939; dedicated May 12, 1940

Description: red brick exterior; gabled roof

Special Comments: The church originally held services in the Nacogdoches courthouse from 1848-1852. 1852 the church moved into its own building on Church Street. They stayed there until the late 1930s when they moved to the corner of Starr and Mound. Throughout the rest of the 20th century, the church acquired many lots surrounding the corner lot, and expanded to include a separate office building and a pre-school.

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This is the 1929-1946 Sanborn Map: Sanborn_Map_copy_5.pdf the Property Timeline: 502_Timeline.pdf and Christ Episcopal Church's history Church_history_1.jpg Church_history_2.jpg