Stephen F. Austin State University

Academic (Critical) Works

Manuscript Guidelines (Critical Titles)

Stephen F. Austin State University Press welcomes book proposals by both established and first-time writers. Great books are the lifeblood of any press, and Stephen F. Austin State University Press is dedicated to publishing well-written, well-researched books.

Before a proposal can be considered, Stephen F. Austin State University Press must have the following:

  1. A copy the author's curriculum vitae, including contact information, education, occupation, book publications (with publisher, publication date, and estimated unit sales), and journal and magazine articles.
  2. A summary of the proposed work, which includes the manuscript's length, content and theme, why people will want to read the work and how the work relates to existing scholarship (Limit to approximately 3 pages).
  3. A list of color and/or black-and-white photographs, line drawings, maps, charts, graphs, and any other graphic images that will accompany the manuscript.
  4. The names and addresses of three or more experts in the book's field of study who might be willing to review the manuscript and do so objectively.
  5. The primary audience and any secondary audience(s) for the book.
  6. Sections of the author's work that have been published previously and by whom.
  7. A table of contents with a brief summary of each chapter.
  8. One or two chapters that are representative of the work.