Stephen F. Austin State University

Foundational Goal

Our Foundational Goal: Meaningful and Sustained Enrollment Growth

We will expand our reach and increase our enrollment, not merely for the sake of growth, but because we are committed to our responsibility to the people of Texas to prepare more citizens to lead our state into the future.

Through an appropriate mix of relevant programs, delivery methods and locations, we will attract an increasing number of students seeking to prepare themselves for their future.

By seeking and accepting diverse students with a strong potential for success and providing them the resources and experiences to capitalize on their promise, the percentage of SFA students graduating also will increase.

This growth will be evidence of our productive participation in achieving the state's strategic goal for developing a more educated population.

In addition, growth provides the foundation for our on-going viability as an institution.

Enrollment Actions Report 2018

The Enrollment Actions Report (.pdf) is available to all SFA faculty and staff. Sign-in is required.

Strategic Enrollment Plan, 2017-2023

Our strategic enrollment plan has six steps:

  1. Establish an Enrollment Goal.
  2. Develop strategic Enrollment Objectives, with measurable targets, focused on achieving the overall enrollment goal. These should be specific and reasonable, but ambitious.
  3. Inventory and categorize current actions and practices focused on each identified objective.
  4. Develop new actions and practices as appropriate to focus on each identified objective.
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of each action and practice; strengthen those that work, revise or eliminate those that don't.
  6. Collect and monitor relevant data; reset objectives and performance targets as appropriate.

Strategy Teams

HSI Readiness Team

Team List
Name Office/Department
Erma Nieto-Brecht Enrollment Management
Jeana Paul-Ureña Languages, Cultures, and Communication (Co-Team Leader)
Jalon Berry Multicultural Affairs
Melissa Clark Library
Wilma Cordova Social Work
Walter de la Cruz Student Success Center
Anthony Espinoza Information Technology Services
Fatima Dutra Languages, Cultures, and Communication
Flora Farago Human Sciences
John Michael Mehaffey Agriculture/Faculty Senate
Theunis Oliphant Center for Teaching & Learning

Retention Ad Hoc Committee

Team List
Name Office/Department
Brian Barngrover Chemistry & Biochemistry
Amanda Breitbach Art
Wes Brown Geology
Mitch Crocker Rusche College of Business
Ken Farrish Environmental Science
Mindy Faulkner Geology
Don Gooch Government
Marc Guidry Liberal & Applied Arts
Stacy Hendricks Perkins College of Education
Matt McBroom Forestry & Agriculture
John Michael Mehaffey Agriculture
Inga Meier Theatre
Clive Muir Business Communication & Legal Studies
Mary Olle Human Sciences

Enrollment Actions Planning Team

Team List
Name Office/Department
Janet Tareilo Associate Provost (Team Lead)
Judy Abbott Perkins College of Education
Meredith Baily Information Technology Services
Winston Baker Residence Life
Ric Berry Graduate School
John Calahan Office of Student Learning & Institutional Assessment
Dana Cooper Student Success Center
Monique Cossich Enrollment Management
Rachele Garrett Financial Aid
Jonathan Helmke Library
Kevin Langford Biology
Shirley Luna University Marketing Communications
Brian Murphy College of Liberal & Applied Arts
Monique Nunn Student Success Center
Scott Shattuck College of Fine Arts
Jamal Smith Orientation
Lisa Stone Perkins College of Education Advising
Jeremy Stovall Forestry/Faculty Senate
Megan Weatherly Center for Teaching & Learning
Ann Wilson Rusche College of Business
Hans Williams College of Forestry & Agriculture
Jeff Williams Forestry & Agriculture
Amanda Windham Student Engagement