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Sustainable Community Development


Contributing to a greener world

Do you worry about environmental threats like climate change, air pollution and erosion? Do you want to help people, companies and communities create earth-friendly and sustainable environments? Would you like to work towards improving the environmental footprint of your generation? With a degree in sustainable community development, you can make a difference.

Sustainable community development involves balancing economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social well-being. SFA's degree program emphasizes sustainability through the humanities and social sciences, preparing you with knowledge and passion to advocate for sustainable practices in career and life. 

Promising job prospects

Sustainability professionals seek to improve an organization's environmental, social and economic impact. It is a growing field as more businesses look to implement sustainable practices. Careers often involve contributing to sustainable practices and policy in government, corporate or non-profit establishments.

Learn more about careers in sustainable community development.

Undergraduate programs and requirements 

    Bachelor of Arts in sustainable community development 

    The Bachelor of Arts curriculum covers a broad range of courses offered by various departments within the College of Liberal and Applied Arts, while also providing valuable hands-on experience through junior or senior year internships. Sustainable community development majors must complete the following requirements:

    • College of Liberal and Applied Arts core requirements
    • A total of 36 credit hours in the major, including:
      • SUS 101, 300 and 350
      • SUS 450 or 495
      • GEO 310, 320, 305 and 434
      • PHI 422
      • HIS 437 or SOC 466
      • COM 408, COM 435, PBA 300, PBA 415 or SWK 315
      • GEO 315, 365, 410, 439, 378 or 379 

    Students should consult an advisor to determine specific degree requirements. 

    Minor in sustainable community development

    Minor in sustainable community development to gain environmental awareness useful for career and life outside of work. A minor in sustainable community development requires 18 credits, including: 

    • SUS 101
    • Two courses from SUS 300, 350, 450 or 495
    • Three other courses from the major

    Undergraduate certificate in sustainable community development

    An undergraduate certificate in sustainable community development requires 12 credits. Required courses for certification include:

    • SUS 101, 300 and 350  
    • SUS 450 or SUS 495  

    Graduate certificate in sustainability

    A graduate certificate in sustainability complements a wide range of careers in the business sector as well as government and non-profit. The 12-credit certificate program includes:

    • HMS 508 or SWK 532
    • Nine credits from the following:
      • FOR 542 
      • GEO 504 
      • HMS 508 
      • PBA 530 
      • SWK 532 


    Department of Anthropology, Geography and Sociology

    Dugas Liberal Arts North 
    Room 335

    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 13047, SFA Station
    Nacogdoches, Texas 75962


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