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Interdisciplinary Studies

A unique, customizable graduate program

As a Master of Interdisciplinary Studies student, you will work with your advisor to create a customized degree plan tailored to your specific interests and career goals. While the combinations of graduate courses have few limits, here are a few examples of what our students are interested in and what they have studied:

  • a student interested in social justice and advocacy: public administration, social work and counseling 
  • a student interested in campus life and wellness: kinesiology, student affairs and business
  • a student interested in working for a Texas state park: public history, environmental science and public administration.

Required coursework

The Master of Interdisciplinary Studies is available in a thesis or non-thesis option.

  • Students who choose the thesis option must complete 30 hours of graduate coursework, plus six hours of graduate research and writing.
  • Students who choose the non-thesis option must complete 36 hours of graduate coursework. Nonthesis students also must pass a comprehensive written or oral examination based on their areas of study.

Admission requirements

Students interested in applying to the Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program must fall into one of the program’s two admissions categories:

Category one: Students must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher in one of the disciplines to be included in their Master of Interdisciplinary Studies degree plan.  

Category two: Students who do not meet the GPA requirement for category one admission may apply for category two admission, which requires the following:

  • an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.6
  • a GPA of 2.8 in the last 60 credit hours of work in leading to a bachelor’s degree in one of the disciplines to be included in their Master of Interdisciplinary Studies degree plan
  • GRE scores of 155 or higher on the verbal and quantitative sections and a 3.0 or higher on the analytical writing section.

Students who do not meet the requirements for category two admission may be admitted to the M.I.S. program on a one-semester probationary basis. To remain in the program, students on probation must meet specific GPA and coursework requirements.

In addition to meeting the requirements for category one or two admission, all students interested in applying for the Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program must submit a 300-to 500-word statement that outlines their goals and objectives and explains why they feel that SFA’s Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program is right for them.

M.I.S. - arts entrepreneurship concentration

Many emerging artists are frustrated by the challenge of turning their passion into a profession.  However brilliant their music, visual art, theatre, dance, filmmaking, or writing, they long for the knowledge to manage and promote their work effectively.  Some are happy with careers in established educational or arts institutions, but others want to launch their own enterprise: a production company, a nonprofit organization, an ensemble, a gallery, a school, or even a coffeehouse.  This arts entrepreneurship track in the Master of Interdisciplinary Studies degree program is for creative adventurers with that “start-up” energy.

Students may pursue a thesis or nonthesis option in this 36-hour degree.

All students in this track must take the following:

  • THR 575  - Advanced Graduate Studies (topic: Enterprise in the Arts)
  • MCM 555 - Seminar in Public Relations
  • ACC 511 - Accounting for Management or PBA 515 - Public Budgeting and Financial Management
  • two to four courses in an artistic field of choice (art, music or theatre)
  • additional business, mass communication and/or public administration courses selected in consultation with advisors.

M.I.S. - cultural heritage concentration

Spend one semester of your degree living in Firminy, France at a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the same cost as studying in Nacogdoches! From history to public administration and cultural traditions to outdoor resource communication, our students gain the tools to pursue careers in public and private sectors.

Cultural Landscapes and Heritage

Imagine a master's degree program where you spend a semester studying at the Université Jean Monnet while living at a UNESCO World Heritage site in France. Imagine the career possibilities a proficiency in French and an interdisciplinary knowledge base can give you. Do you believe in historical, environmental and community preservation? Then a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in cultural landscapes and heritage might be a fit for you.

Now imagine you can do all of this while you pay your regular SFA tuition. In our program, students combine public history with two other areas of study, such as resource communication, public administration, museum studies, hospitality, anthropology, geography or sociology. Students explore concepts of preservation from multiple applied perspectives.

 The M.I.S. is a 36-hour degree with thesis and non-thesis options. Students also will pursue nine to 12 hours in public history.


Division of Multidisciplinary Programs

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