Stephen F. Austin State University

Undergraduate Degrees

Criminal Justice Degree Program

The criminal justice major requires 36 semester hours of coursework that includes a minimum of 33 advanced credit hours (courses numbered 300 or higher). All majors are advised to choose elective courses related to specific career interests in their chosen field of criminal justice.

In addition to the requirements for the Criminal Justice major, students must complete the required university and college core requirements.* As of Fall 2016, those requirements include: An approved minor (18-24 credit hours from any academic program in the University offering a minor course of study) and the following core courses:

*For core requirements before the 2016/2017 academic year, please consult the appropriate Undergraduate Bulletin (located here) or contact Dr. Milt Hill at You may also find course descriptions in the current bulletin, located at the above link. For a copy of the current plan of study, please see this page.

Courses in the Major

For a course to be credited toward the major, the reported grade must be a "C" or better.


Introduction to Criminal Justice (3 Hours)

CJS 101 - Introduction to CJ

Core Legal Classes (9 Hours)

CJS 303 - Criminal Law

CJS 305 - Criminal Procedure I

CJS 306 - Criminal Procedure II

Criminal Justice Theory and Research (9 Hours)

CJS 315 WE - Police Report Writing or CJS 413 WE - Legal Research and Writing

CJS 380 WE - Criminal Justice Theory and Practice

CJS 441 WE - Understanding Criminal Justice Research

Professional Standards (3 hours)

CJS 405 - Professional Standards in CJ

Criminal Justice Capstone (3 hours)

CJS 490 - Criminal Justice Senior Capstone

CRIMINAL JUSTICE ELECTIVES (9 hours total; at least 6 hours advanced)

Lower Level Electives (Cannot count more than 3 lower-level credit hours toward major)

CJS 201 - Criminal Investigation

CJS 213 - Civil Procedure

CJS 231 - Intro to Corrections

Upper Level Electives (Advanced)

CJS 301 - Law Enforcement

CJS 302 - History of the CJ System

CJS 307 - Criminal Justice Practitioner Stress

CJS 311 - Evidence

CJS 312 - Correctional Procedural Law

CJS 313 - Corporate Security Law

CJS 314 - Corporate Security and Assets Protection

CJS 332 - Community-Based Corrections

CJS 341 - Crime in the Media

CJS 345 - Substance Use and Abuse

CJS 351 - Criminal Deviance

CJS 355 - Organized Crime

CJS 357 - Dynamics of Domestic Violence

CJS 360 WE - Gender and Crime

CJS 365 - Social Diversity and Crime

CJS 410 - Victimology

CJS 411 - Juvenile Justice and Administration

CJS 416 - Offender Reentry and Reintegration

CJS 417 - Offender Counseling

CJS 430 - Capital Punishment

CJS 431 - Penology

CJS 435 - Profiling Violent Crime

CJS 450 - Problems in Criminal Justice

CJS 455 - Sexual Offenders and Sexual Offending

CJS 460 - Internship in Criminal Justice

CJS 475 - Independent Study


Additional Major in Criminal Justice

If a student wishes to complete an additional major in criminal justice, the course requirements for the additional major will be the same as if CJ was the student's primary major.

The student's core requirements will depend upon the requirements for the primary major.

In order for a student to receive credit for the additional major on their transcript, they must specifically request that transcript credit from the registrar's office at the time that they file for graduation.

Minor in Criminal Justice

Please note that the overall GPA for the minor must be 2.0 in order to be considered complete. (Courses not listed may be approved for elective credit in the criminal justice minor by the criminal justice program coordinator.)

Core (12 hours):

CJS 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice (3 hours)

3 hrs. from: CJS 201 - Criminal Investigation CJS 213 - Civil Procedure CJS 231 - Introduction to Corrections

3 hrs. from: CJS 303 - Criminal Law CJS 305 - Criminal Procedure I CJS 306 - Criminal Procedure II

3 hrs. (Writing Enhanced) from: CJS 315 - Incident Report Writing CJS 413 - Legal Research and Writing

Additional Coursework (9 hours):

9 hrs. from: All Criminal Justice Courses numbered 300 or above and not counted previously in the minor (See CJ courses listed above)