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2012 SFASU Undergraduate Research Conference Top Scholars and Finalists

Nelson Rusche College of Business

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Top Scholar:
Andrew Falcon and Michael Fleck
How Does SFA’s Student Investment Roundtable Fund Stack up Against
National Competitors?

Advisor: Ryan Phelps (Economics and Finance)


Poster Presentations:


1) Justin Rodriguez
Understanding Student GPA
Advisor: Ryan Phelps (Economics and Finance)

2) Natalie Strabala and Alyssa Rains
The HEALTH Project
Advisor: Judith L. Biss (General Business)

3) Sara Muckleroy, Meagan Webb, Donovan Pearson, and Jeremy

Fitness Involved Teamwork
Advisor: Judith L. Biss (General Business)

4) Jianheng Zhang
Stephen F. Austin State University Student GPA Study
Advisor: Ryan Phelps (Economics and Finance)


5) Mandi Lovett
Apartment Rental Prices in Dallas
Advisor: Ryan Phelps (Economics and Finance)

James I. Perkins College of Education

Top Scholar:
Amanda Johnson
Beta-Glucan Reduces Heart Disease by Lowering LDL- Cholesterol
Advisor: Darla O'Dwyer (Human Sciences)


Poster Presentations:


1) Brandon Warren
Validation of the SenseWear Pro Armband for Energy Expenditure During Resistance Training
Advisor: Mark D. Faries (Kinesiology and Health Sciences)


2) Sarah Feye, Carrie Flowers, and Amanda Johnson
Creation of a Cookbook for Low S.E.S Clients with Diabetes
Advisor: Carol Bradley (Human Sciences)

3) Brooke Brodlowicz
Is It Green? A Survey of Flooring Materials
Advisor: Donna Pharris (Human Sciences)


4) Amber Heeter, Cassie Welch, Courtnie Bartel, and Elizabeth Royal
Assisted Living Design Project
Advisor: Mitzi Perritt (Human Sciences)


6) Keilea Bullard
Biomechanical Analysis of the Cartwheel
Advisor: Delbert Graves (Kinesiology and Health Sciences)

7) Robyn Hicks and Noah Claytor
Is Our Knowledge and Opinion Based on the Internet?
Advisor: Kenneth R. Austin (Secondary Education and Educational Leadership)


8) Bric Alverson
Social Media as a Marketing Tool for Community Groups
Advisor: Mary Olle (Human Sciences)


9) Kayla King
Reflection on Various Interviews about Reading and Reading Comprehension
Advisor: Adrian Decker (Elementary Education)

College of Fine Arts

Top Scholar:
Garrett Nichols
A Performer’s Analysis of Brahms Sonata in F Minor for Clarinet and Piano
Directed by Chris Ayer (School of Music) and John Cotner (School of


Poster Presentations:


1) Stephen Michael Hanna
Let Beauty Awake: Discovering the Beauty of Songs of Travel
Directed by Jamie Weaver (School of Music)


2) Brady Weldon
Sing Me to Heaven: The History, Music, and Character of the African
American Spiritual
Directed by Jamie Weaver (School of Music)


3) Samantha Walker
Giraudoux at the Gates
Directed by Rick Jones (School of Theatre)

4) Eneida M. Santiago Velez
Infinite Directional
Directed by Peter Andrew (School of Art)

5) Jessica Dunn
Pen and Pigment Collaborative Project – Unexpected
Directed by Peter Andrew (School of Art)


Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture


Top Scholar:
Sierra Gibbons
Phytoremediation of Cadmium and Chromium Contaminated Soils
Advisor: Kenneth Farrish (Environmental Sciences)

Poster Presentations:


1) Melissa Ferguson
Industrial Ash as a Soil Liming Agent
Advisor: Kenneth Farrish (Environmental Sciences)


2) Olivia LaMaster and Melissa Bozarth
Effects of Humate and Lignite Coal Amendments on Plant Growth in a Coarse
Texture Soil
Advisor: Kenneth Farrish (Environmental Sciences)


3) James Theiss
Grand Teton National Park Focused Visitor Survey
Advisors: Pat Stephens Williams (Forestry) and Ray Darville
(Social and Cultural Analysis)

4) James Hearn
Geographic Information Systems and Cloud Computing
Advisor: Yanli Zhang (Forestry)

5) Marycruz Bazan and Christopher Kossegi
Implementation of the President’s Challenge in a Freshman Seminar Success

Advisor: David Kulhavy (Forestry)


6) Kyle Palmer
Multi-criteria Site Evaluation Methodology for Oil and Gas Exploration
Advisor: David Kulhavy (Forestry)




College of Liberal and Applied Arts

Top Scholar:
Lindsey Antonini
ARKTOSK: Language of the Bears
Advisor: Jessie Sams (English)


Poster Presentations:


1) Braydon Howard
The Effects of Tattoo Size and Location of Rating of Perceived Attractiveness
and Multiple Personality Constructs

Advisor: Rhiannon Fante-Konwinski (Psychology)


2) Megan Fleming
Is Hamas Really a Religious Terrorist Group?

Advisor: Michael Tkacik (Government)

3) Christi Courade
Medicating America: Exploring Prescription Drug Abuse in a Rural East Texas

Advisor: Kim Rich-Rice (Social Work)

4) Rebecca Matlock
From Struggle to Liberation: A Critical Analysis of the Film The Color Purple
Advisor: Sudeshna Roy (Modern Languages, Cultures, and
Com- munication)

5) Mary Welch
The Electric Housewife: Post-War Supermoms and the Modernization of the
American Home

Advisor: Dana Cooper (History/Interdisciplinary Studies)

6) Wesley Geller
Stasi Repression of East German Musician Wolf Biermann
Advisor: Randi Cox (History)


7) Courtney Snow
The Importance of Wedding Rituals in Human Societies
Advisor: Dianne Dentice (Social and Cultural Analysis)

8) Kyle Sitka
Fallout 3 as a Continuation of Cold War Cultural Language

Advisor: Randi Cox (History)

9) Dasha Evans
Bullying within the LGBT Community
Advisor: Kim Rich-Rice (School of Social Work)

Best Freshman Paper:
Allison M. Ellis
The Red Scare
Advisor: Randi Cox (History)



College of Sciences and Mathematics


Top Scholar:
Rebecca Collins and Molly Blanchette
The Heavy Metal Analysis of Lichens and Soils
Advisor: Michael A. Janusa (Chemistry)


Poster Presentations:


1) Blake Moyer and Cory Robinson
Solids of Revolution Formed by Rotating Functions
Advisor: Jeremy Becnel (Mathematics & Statistics)

2) Elton Polvadore and Brittney Cooper
Differentation of Capsicum Species via Protein Extraction and SDS-
Page Analysis: A two day experiment for undergraduate biochemistry

Advisor: Michele Harris (Chemistry)

3) Ryan Smith, Charlie Knox, and Elizabeth Davis
Enantioselective Biotransformation of Prochiral Ketone Using Carrots
Advisor: Michele Harris (Chemistry)

4) Merlly Zavala
Analysis of Copper and Zinc in Foods
Advisor: Kefa K. Onchoke (Chemistry)

5) Tiffany Lundy
A Multiplicative 'Conic'
Advisor: Jeremy Becnel (Mathematics and Statistics)

6) Madison Timme
Habitat Preference for the Purpose of Determining Ecosystem Vulnerability to the Invasive Apple Snail (Pomacea diffusa)
Advisor: Brent Burt (Biology)


7) Theda Strickler
Petrology of Proterzoic to Tertiary Rocks in the Southern Burro Mountains, NM: Insights into Mazatzal to Basin and Range Magmatism and Tectonics (PowerPoint)
Advisor: Chris A. Barker (Geology)


8) Chris Taliaferro
Research in the Teaching Laboratory: Improving the Synthesis of Lidocaine
Advisor: Arlen Jeffery (Chemistry)

9) Jorge Ojeda
Raman and Infrared Study of Select Thiadiazole Derivatives
Advisor: Kefa K. Onchoke (Chemistry)



Regional Colleges


Juan F. Macias-Velasco
Asian Citrus Psyllid (Diaphorina citri) Transcriptome Analysis: Prediction of
miRNA Binding Site Variation between Life Stages

Department of Biology
Advisor: Dr. Blake Bextine (UT Tyler)

Megan McClay
Diabetes and Global Health
Nursing Department
Advisor: Judith A. King (Lone Star College-North Harris)

Chris M. Powell
Influence of SINV on Insecticide-Treated Red Imported Fire Ant
Department of Biology
Advisor: Dr. Blake Bextine (UT Tyler)


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