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2018 SFASU Undergraduate Research Conference Top Scholars and Finalists

2018 Undergraduate Research Conference
Top Scholars and Finalists



Top Scholar:


Stephen Janovsky
Frequency Domain Detection of Seasonality in Financial Markets


Faculty Sponsor: Emiliano Giudici (Department of Economics and Finance)




1. John Bledsoe
Cost Analysis of Private Student Loans


Faculty Sponsor: Emiliano Giudici (Department of Economics and Finance)


2. Kimberly Pepper
Drug Usage Among Women Attending Stephen F. Austin State University


Faculty Sponsor: Joe Ballenger (Department of Management and Marketing)


3. Kaylee Real and Hannah Percell
Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility Report


Faculty Sponsor: Carol Wright (Department of Business Communications and Legal Studies)


4. Cristyn Ritchey, Alejandra Ibarra, and Julian-David M. Smith
College Preparation: A Freshman’s Perspective


Faculty Sponsor: Joe Ballenger (Department of Management and Marketing)


5. Shaye Smith
Personality Testing


Faculty Sponsor: Marcus Cox (Department of Management and Marketing)


6. Shaye Smith
Process Analysis and Improvement of Employee Tasks: A Study of Wisely Hall


Faculty Sponsor: Pamela Rogers (Department of Management and Marketing)


7. Chris Stephenson, Joshua Jordan, and Dillard Gibson
Attitudes toward Illegal Drug Use


Faculty Sponsor: Joe Ballenger (Department of Management and Marketing)



Top Scholar:


Yemy Magana and Haley Paz
Gender Typicality and Appearance and Weight Stereotypes in 6 to 10 Year Old Girls


Faculty Sponsors: Flora Farago (School of Human Sciences) and Sarah Savoy (Department of Psychology)



1. David Buckley
Actual Versus Predicted VO 2 max: A Comparison of 4 Different Methods


Faculty Sponsor: James Rowe (Department of Kinesiology and Health Science)


2. Melissa Caruso
Can We Teach Fake News in the Classroom with Just One Lesson?


Faculty Sponsor: Lauren Burrow (Department of Elementary Education)


3. Daniela Diaz
Designing for Parkinson’s Disease: Promoting Mobility, Independence, and Confidence


Faculty Sponsor: Mitzi Perritt (School of Human Sciences)


4. Benjamin Dickey
Developing Intercultural Awareness through a Study Abroad Program


Faculty Sponsor: Tingting Xu (Department of Elementary Education)


5. Zachary Gin
Validity and Reliability of Wahoo KICKR Cycle Ergometer


Faculty Sponsor: Dustin Joubert (Department of Kinesiology and Health Science)


6. Caitlin Hogan
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Lower Following Aquatic Exercise than Land Treadmill Exercise


Faculty Sponsor: Dustin Joubert (Department of Kinesiology and Health Science)


7. Travis Maclin III
Fitness v. Physique: Is Body Image Harming Our Health?


Faculty Sponsors: Dustin Joubert and Patty Berthot (Department of Kinesiology and Health Science) 


Top Scholar:


Travis Wilson
Theoretical Re-Design of the Baker Pattillo Student Center Grand Ballroom Employing LED Technology


Faculty Sponsor: CC Conn (School of Theatre)



1. Cassandra DeBolt, Myriam Apollon Vixamar, Polina Golubkova, and Matthew Maglaya
Benefits of Incorporating Health Promotion Courses for College Music Majors


Faculty Sponsor:Mario Ajero (School of Music)


2. Dawson Tillman Dowdy
Palestrina’s Polyphony


Faculty Sponsor: Jamie Weaver (School of Music)


3. Sarah Jentsch, Austin Cullen, Jacob Moffett, Chris Wicker, and Shelby Martin
Exquisite Porks


Faculty Sponsor: Neal Cox (School of Art)


4. Shelby Pease, Logan Starks, Travis Wattigney, and Wyatt Gay
Applications of Modular Synthesis in Music and Sound Design for Video Games


Faculty Sponsor: James Adams (School of Music)


5. Kayla Peterson
Dramaturgical Research for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson


Faculty Sponsor: Angela Bacarisse (School of Theatre)


6. Marie Phillips
Dramaturgical Research for the 2017 Production of Tartuffe


Faculty Sponsor: Scott Shattuck (School of Theatre)


7. Sophie J. Watson
“Mad as Hell: ”The Corruption of Personal Humanity in Network through Satire


Faculty Sponsor: Inga Meier (School of Theatre)


Top Scholar:


Nicholas Schiwitz
Interspecific Variation in Activity Level of Larval Anurans: Implications for their Distribution along the Hydroperiod Gradient


Faculty Sponsor: Christopher Schalk (Forestry)



1. Sara Brown, Cooper Kirklin, David Lee, Nina McCallum, and Nicky Vermeersch
Effects of Runoff on Nutrient and Oil & Grease Concentrations in the SFASU Ag Pond


Faculty Sponsor: Sheryll Jerez (Environmental Science)


2. Margaret Campbell and Schaeffer Shockley
Comparing the CTLA Hazard Rating of Trees to Unmanned Aerial Systems Video


Faculty Sponsor: David Kulhavy (Forestry)


3. Hailey Hester
Acoustic Analysis of the Advertisement Calls for Ten Anuran Species from the Gran Chaco Ecoregion of Bolivia


Faculty Sponsor: Christopher Schalk (Forestry)


4. Megan Knippers, Brandon Billeck and Marshall Woodruff
Preference of White Tailed Deer among Six Common Texas Oaks


Faculty Sponsors: Jeremy Stovall and Chris Comer (Forestry)


5. William Kruckeberg
First Year Survival of Sonderegger Pine, A Natural Hybrid, on Two Sites in East Texas


Faculty Sponsor: Brian Oswald (Forestry)


6. Wade Lang and Courtney Biles
A Student Hosted Cattle Sale as an Approach to Experiential Learning


Faculty Sponsor: Erin Brown (Agriculture)


7. Jessica Pruneda, Lana Welford, Andre Saenz, and Jessica Mattox
Pineywoods Native Plant Center BioBlitz – Exploring Our Backyard


Faculty Sponsor: Shelby Laird (Forestry)



Top Scholar:


Abigail Perschall, Hannah Tumlinson, Jessie Jenkins, and Alex Sides
Critical Companion to Bastard Out of Carolina


Faculty Sponsor: Michael Martin (Department of English)



1. Abigail Cloudy and Jasmine Thompson
Gender Atypicality, Felt Pressure to Conform to Gender Norms, and Body Image in 6- to 10 Year-Old Girls


Faculty Sponsors: Sarah Savoy (Department of Psychology) and Flora Farago (School of Human Sciences)


2. Abigail Echeverria, Tyler Espy, Rodney Lambeth, Torri Haubert, and Megan Johnson
The Not So Lost Cause: How Historians Endorsed a False History


Faculty Sponsors: Randi Cox and Court Carney (Department of History)


3. Cassidy Hirsch
The Symbolic Annihilation of Latinas in Spanish-Language Music Videos and Its Detrimental Effects on mental and Physical Health


Faculty Sponsor: Linda Levitt (Department of Languages, Cultures, and Communication)


4. Robert J. Hurt
A LumberJack Sunflower, Blooming from Undergraduate Research


Faculty Sponsor: James Morris (School of Social Work)


5. Taryn Lenert
Pretty Baby: The Conundrum of Child Beauty Pageants


Faculty Sponsor: Dianne Dentice (Department of Anthropology, Geography, and Sociology)


6. Grace Linebarger
Global Media and Soft Power Representation: A Comparative Analysis of Indian Tourism as Experienced Individually and as Represented in The New York Times and Travel Channel


Faculty Sponsor: Sudeshna Roy (Department of Languages, Cultures, and Communication)


7. Megan Russell
On My Own Terms: Effectiveness of Death with Dignity Legislation in Oregon


Faculty Sponsor: Kristin C. Bailey-Wallace (School of Social Work)


8. Tyler Jones
Best Freshman Paper
A Dramatistic Analysis of Manhunt Unabomber


Faculty Sponsor: Courtney Wooten (Department of English and Creative Writing)



Top Scholar:


Archie Sauls
New Records of Ants for The Big Thicket National Preserve and an Analysis of the Phenology of Reproductive Stages


Faculty Mentor: Daniel Bennett (Department of Biology)



1. Keely Armstrong
Predicting Stratigraphic Outcrops Using a LiDAR Digital Elevation Model in a Karst Landscape, Fort Hood Military Installation, Texas


Faculty Sponsors: Mindy Faulkner (Department of Geology) and Matthew A. Beauregard (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)


2. Aaron Baker
Mathematics of the Significant Tornado Parameter


Faculty Sponsor: Lynn Greenleaf (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)


3. Gladys Banuelos
A Scanning Electron Microscopic Investigation of Pollen


Faculty Sponsors: Daniel Bennett and Josephine Taylor (Department of Biology)


4. Kaleb Fields and Connor O’Leary
Heated Cell to Study Sarin Surrogates using Laser Absorption Spectroscopy in the 3.39 μm Infrared Region


Faculty Sponsor: Christopher J. Aul (Department of Physics, Engineering, and Astronomy)


5. Jacob R. Hershmann and Aqueeb Ali
Effect of Heavy Metal Ions on Photodegradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Derivatives and Photoinactivation of Escherichia coli


Faculty Sponsor: Matibur Zamadar (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)


6. Pressley S. Nicholson
Structural and Compositional Investigation of Pottery Samples from Guatemala


Faculty Sponsors: Kefa Onchoke (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry) and Leslie G. Cecil (Anthropology, Geography, and Sociology)


7. Lillie A. Zech
Cation Exchange Capacity Determination: Comparative Study of Three Methods


Faculty Sponsor: Alyx S. Frantzen (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)


Top Scholar:


Aaron Kelley
Diagnosing Obstacles to Student Participation in Campus Governance


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Button (Behavior Sciences - Tyler Junior College)



1. Chloe Gasper
Heteronormative Encouragement and Favoring Gender Roles within School Systems in the Twenty-First Century


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Button (Behavior Sciences - Tyler Junior College)


2. Alexandra Knight
Procuring Household Robotic Prosthesis


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Button (Behavior Sciences - Tyler Junior College)


3. Megan L. Martsolf
A Content Analysis over Heteronormativity in Elementary School Grades K-3rd


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Button (Behavior Sciences - Tyler Junior College)


4. Bailey Miley
How Physical Therapy and Sleep Can Improve Hamstring Flexibility


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Button (Behavior Sciences - Tyler Junior College)


5.Stephanie M. Rangel
Emotional Labor and Performance Arts


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Button (Behavior Sciences - Tyler Junior College)


6. Natalie Smith
Relationship Status and the Changing Perceptions of Favorable Qualities in a Partner


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Button (Behavior Sciences - Tyler Junior College)


7. Noah Truong
Social Considerations for the Freshman 15


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Button (Behavior Sciences - Tyler Junior College)

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