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iCare: Early Alert at Stephen F. Austin State University

A Comprehensive Approach to Academic and Behavioral Intervention

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Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
(936) 468-2703

Amy Smith, Early Intervention Specialist

The iCare program is a unique, integrative approach to academic and behavior intervention on campus.  The program is administered through the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. 

The iCare program consists of tracks for early intervention in behavioral/classroom management issues, attendance issues, and academic performance.

Behavioral Track:  When issues are primarily behavior and sufficiently concerning, they are referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.  They may, at their discretion, refer a case to the Behavioral Intervention Team, or appropriate disciplinary actions may be taken as deemed necessary.  If issues are more minor in nature, a case may be referred to another appropriate resource such as counseling or disability services.

Attendance Track:  Attendance issues are referred to program volunteers within the college of the student’s major.  These volunteers include faculty members and academic advisors.  If the student resides on campus, Residence Life is contacted and a “Knock and Talk” is conducted by Residence Life professional staff members.  These staff members include the student’s Residence Hall Director or Assistant Residence Hall Director.  Because attendance issues may be part of a larger problem, attendance issues may be routed to either the behavioral or academic performance tracks depending on the details of the case.

Academic Issues:  When students are performing poorly in class, the Academic Assistance Resources (AARC) is notified.  The AARC Director makes personal, individualized contact with students, and they are made aware of the numerous resources available to assist them.  When poor academic performance appears to be related to a disability, the student may be referred to Disability Services.  Academic Advising and Career Services referrals may be made for student who are considering (or should be considering) switching majors or who would benefit from career guidance. 

The iCare Program has the ability to improve:

The iCare Program can:

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